Melissa Joan Hart’s Turkey Tot


Mom-of-three Melissa Joan Hart shared a festive photo of her newborn son Tucker via Instagram.

“This is what I am #thankful for in 2012! My 12lb turducken!!” the Melissa & Joey star wrote.

The Sabrina alum – who is also mom to sons Mason, 6½, and Brady, 4 – recently opened up about having more babies.

“I would have seven babies if I didn’t have to be pregnant. I hate being pregnant — the lack of energy at the beginning [and] having to change your diet,” she shared. “It’s a huge adjustment and you have to change your whole lifestyle for a few months.”

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. klutzy_girl

    Oops. Saw “turducken” and assumed she was talking about the actual food, so didn’t even click on the picture.


  2. XYZ


  3. english gal

    what a beautiful boy! amazing hair


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