Tamera Mowry Is Thankful For Her “Lil Butter Ball”


Tia & Tamera star Tamera Mowry took to Twitter Thursday to share her gratitude this holiday season.

“I’m thankful for my lil butter ball turkey #WhyImThankful HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! Xoxo,” the proud new mom wrote of her 1-week-old son Aden.

Weighing in at 9 lbs., 5 oz., baby Aden finally arrived on November 12 — two weeks after Tamera’s October 30th due date.

“I seriously feel like I have been pregnant forever,” Tamera admitted. “Almost 10 months to be exact! Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet. ‘This has now become a waiting game,’ my OB told me.”

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  1. Martha

    So cute!!

  2. George

    H eis so cute

  3. anonymous27

    Pregnancy IS 40 weeks. it’s always been that way.

  4. Sheala

    Is he wearing a Kabbalah bracelet?

  5. Luuuluuu

    He looks like he knows what he’s looking at. Tooooooo precious!

  6. Gena

    This pic is so cute. It looks like he is giving the peace sign. Didn’t know Adam or Tamara were Jewish. I thought they were catholic or Christian. I don’t think they married in a jewish cermony. Maybe they are converting? Anyway, good for them. They have a beautiful little boy.

  7. Tamera Housley has the most beautiful celebrity baby I’ve ever seen. ☻☺☻☺

  8. C Gayle

    Not sure if this is the reason but this could also be a typical red string/bracelet that alot of caribbean parents keep on new babies…


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