Bill Rancic Honors Son Edward Duke


Proud papa Bill Rancic recently put his love for his nearly 3-month-old son Edward Duke in writing – across his ribcage.

In a preview from the November 27th episode of Giuliana & Bill, the 41-year-old businessman shocks his wife and in-laws when he reveals his latest acquisition – a tattoo bearing his son’s middle name and his birth date of August 29, 2012.

“I went out and I have a little surprise: I got a tattoo!” Bill boasts to his surprised wife, lifting up his shirt to expose his freshly inked skin.

“That’s actually pretty hot, honey!” Giuliana, 37, responds. “I feel like I have to get a tattoo of his name. I’ll do it in a place you can’t see.”

There’s one catch, however – it’s temporary!

“Take a picture, because in two days, it’ll be gone!” Bill tells his family with a laugh after the tattoo fake-out. “Did you really think I’d get a tattoo? I’m as straight-laced as they come!”

All kidding aside, Bill is definitely a proud papa.

He recently shared a photo of his infant son propped up on the couch on his Twitter page, writing: “Someone had a very big breakfast today!”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Bill Rancic/Twitter

  • HDP

    If you wanted his name to be Duke – why not call him Duke??

    Oh, and I just noticed – Giuliana named her son with her 2 favourite initials – E.D

  • anon


    • NYC Mommy

      I agree very tacky looking, not at all what I would have expected from him.

    • Anon

      All tattoos, or just his?

  • Layla

    Bill please pull your shirt down! No one wants to see your tattoo.

  • KA

    You guys know it’s temporary, right? If you read further down it says so….

    • NYC Mommy

      KA- Thanks for the information. I actually did not read whole article just saw tacky tattoo and reacted. I am sooooo glad it is temporary. :)

      • Anonymous

        Sooooo glad? Why? How often do you think you’ll be looking at the side of his ribcage?

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