Bill Rancic Honors Son Edward Duke


Proud papa Bill Rancic recently put his love for his nearly 3-month-old son Edward Duke in writing – across his ribcage.

In a preview from the November 27th episode of Giuliana & Bill, the 41-year-old businessman shocks his wife and in-laws when he reveals his latest acquisition – a tattoo bearing his son’s middle name and his birth date of August 29, 2012.

“I went out and I have a little surprise: I got a tattoo!” Bill boasts to his surprised wife, lifting up his shirt to expose his freshly inked skin.

“That’s actually pretty hot, honey!” Giuliana, 37, responds. “I feel like I have to get a tattoo of his name. I’ll do it in a place you can’t see.”

There’s one catch, however – it’s temporary!

“Take a picture, because in two days, it’ll be gone!” Bill tells his family with a laugh after the tattoo fake-out. “Did you really think I’d get a tattoo? I’m as straight-laced as they come!”

All kidding aside, Bill is definitely a proud papa.

He recently shared a photo of his infant son propped up on the couch on his Twitter page, writing: “Someone had a very big breakfast today!”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Bill Rancic/Twitter


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  1. HDP

    If you wanted his name to be Duke – why not call him Duke??

    Oh, and I just noticed – Giuliana named her son with her 2 favourite initials – E.D

  2. anon


  3. Layla

    Bill please pull your shirt down! No one wants to see your tattoo.

  4. KA

    You guys know it’s temporary, right? If you read further down it says so….


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