Georgina Chapman & Harvey Weinstein Expecting Baby No. 2


Congratulations to Georgina Chapman who is pregnant with her second child with husband Harvey Weinstein. The Marchesa co-founder confirmed to the NY Post that she is expecting.

Georgina said, “We are both over the moon” adding, “I am not sure what to wear, I do have a bump.”

The couple were about to attend the White House holiday party on Thursday night.

She said, “We don’t know the sex, it could be Harvey and five daughters. I’d be happy either way.”

The couple married in 2007. Weinstein has three three daughters with ex-wife Eve Chilton – Lily, 17, Emma, 14, and Ruth, 10. He and Chapman have 2-year-old India Pearl.

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  • Emily

    I guess money makes any man sexy to some women.

    • Lulu

      That’s pretty shallow. Not only young, attractive people deserve to be in love or have attractive spouses.

  • Courtney

    looks have nothing to do with it maybe Harvey makes Georgina laugh which is much more important than looks will ever be. may they be blessed with another healthy baby

  • Anonymous

    How the hell does she lay down next to THAT in bed? Absolutely repulsive.

  • Cat

    Haha, all of you people saying “oh, maybe he makes her laugh, and beauty is only skin deep” are so full of shit. That dude is fugly as the day is wide.

  • D

    She doesn’t need money, She is marchesa co-founder!I bet you are all married to ck models

    • Emily

      Haha… he is the one who financed her fashion company.

  • Ivy

    That is a very bad picture of him, if he lost weight he’d be average. But yes, money does make any man sexy to gold-diggers.

  • mrs. trumbell

    idk how she had sex with him even ONE time, let alone two!

    and i’m not even that shallow! but come on… there is a line somewhere. he resides well past it.

  • sierra

    This guy is a billionaire producer. She had to marry him for Money. I really don’t see any other reason since there are attractive young men who make good husbands out there. They may be hard to fine but they are out there!

  • anon

    She started out as an actress, so marring a producer was probably a career move. She has had small parts in a few of his films.

  • anonymous27

    She is rich on her own. So whatever attracted her to him, it’s lasting. Because by now she could be in her own. He is probably a very nice man.

    • Emily

      She’s not rich on her own. Her daddy is rich and so is her husband.

  • Anon2

    I dont get what she sees in him, but I wouldn’t call her a gold digger. She is rich and successful in her own right as co creator and fashion designer for Marchesa. Also her family has made their fortune in millions with Percol, her dads coffee trading distribution company in London.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t get what she sees in him PHYSICALLY. But people are much more than just their faces.

      • Emily

        Yes, pocket books and power are far more important.

  • Anonymous

    There are a bunch of guys who “make me laugh” and are “nice” but I wouldn’t sleep with them. This relationship is all about the money and only about money. It’s pitiful and sickening what women will do for money.

  • Nicole

    Obviously $ rules this relationship ?

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that we NEVER see a gorgeous man (of any age) paired with an older, and or very unattractive or over weight (KSS- Brosnan was very thin when 1st married) woman? It just never seems to happen…. at least not in celebrityville. However, it is very possible for a younger beautiful woman to truely love an older, uglier, richer man. But the reverse….NO.

    • Lulu

      Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s wife is much older than him and less conventionally attractive. They seem happy.

      • laura

        Well, that Aaron Taylor Johnson is sick (a 22 year old guy who’s married to a 43 year old woman for me is sick).
        I would say Hugh Jackman and his wife: his undoubtedly hot and his wife undoubtedly not.

        • KTGrace

          Sick? Judgemental much?

          • laura

            You can say I’m judgmental as much as you want, in the end we all are, since we are here.
            But I’m right here: a 22 year old guy who’s with a 43 year old woman, who could easily be his mum, clearly has a mother complex.

          • laura

            Oh, I’m sorry, she’s actually 45, while he is 22.

        • laura

          Ehi, I just realized I made a spelling mistake: “he’s”, not “his”! Sorry, english is not my first language, so sometimes this can happen!

    • SMH

      Hugh Jackman anyone??

      • laura

        I already said so!!

  • Ashley

    Wow he sure got lucky didn’t he!

    So often i see fashion designers that could pass for models too, she’s one.

  • v-girl

    Oh my gawd, he’s the human version of Shrek….I could not fathom making a baby that might come out looking like him. Hopefully Mama’s gorgeous genes will rule.

  • Louise

    Strange that people mention his looks and are disgusted about it. The only thing I would find difficult is his age, he’s 60. But only for the children’s sake: he will be 80 when they are 20. But I think she loves this man so much that she thinks it’s worth it. Which is a beautiful mystery most people can’t stand.

  • Naomi

    Everybody making nasty comments about her only being with him for money is ridiculous. She is the co-owner of a very profitable successful company and is the daughter of a millionaire – she does not need to be with him for money, she obviously thinks he’s a nice guy, good father, great company etc… It’s not all about looks

    • Anonymous

      For the superficial, shallow hags on this blog, life IS all about looks. Imagine that these vile women are raising the next generation of bullies.


  • maryf

    I don’t care what anyone says, of course it’s for money and also his power may be an aphrodisiac.

    • Anonymous

      Do you not understand that she is RICH all on her own? Freaking idiots who even in the face of evidence, still choose to see what they want NOT what is real.

      • Robin

        By “rich on her own” do you mean being born with a silver spoon and then marrying an even richer man than her father? I suppose that takes entrepreneurial skill!

  • Mary

    I wonder if this is why a ton of hollywood wear her designer clothes? i don’t care how nasty he looks, there is someone for everyone out there. He definitely married up that’s for sure. She def isn’t looking for typical handsome looks, but something about him made her fall in love. Hope the children take after her, although sometimes the ugliest people have the cutest kids.

  • Anon

    I dont know why they are together but for the commenters saying she is rich on her own, I believe her line was started after their relationship began and he is probably an investor and/or gave her the seed money, and use of his connections (which also isnt the end of the world. she makes beautiful clothing. glad its out there for the world to see)

    • meghan

      She’s an heiress. She was wealthy before Marchesa.

      • Anon

        She is the daughter of a millionaire. Weinstein is far more wealthy. The only thing better than money is more money. He is not exactly known for is sparkling personality

        • meghan

          Spoken like someone who has no clue what they are talking about…

  • Anabelle

    Everyone making a fuss about why she’d have sex with a man who looks like that. The thing that hit me most reading that article is that she says she doesn’t know what to wear. Who care’s? She should be happy she’s pregnant, not going, “Oh, but this totally messes with my outfits.”

  • Kamila

    If the guy was just a regular joe, no way would she have married him. Or, rather, there’s only a small chance that she’d have found him so appealing, IMO. He’s literally the most powerful man in Hollywood. Actresses desperately try to get the Marchesa people to dress them so they can get into his good graces. Go over and read about him on Lainey Gossip. He’s a cheating a-hole. He’s well known to make full use of the casting couch and many an actress has fallen to his promises, according to Lainey, who seems to get a ton of inside info. Georgina looks the other way and plays designer billionaire mommy/wife.

    • Anonymous

      Oh joy… another post full of gossip that’s absolutely unproven. You must be so proud to be a vicious gossipmonger hag.

      • Kamila

        LMAO. You’ve got nerve to call someone a vicious hag for gossiping on a gossiping site (when I actually just stated what’s written all over Lainey Gossip, I didn’t make it up) and you don’t see the hypocrisy in that? You honestly think being called a vicious gossipmonger hag is offensive to me? Newsflash… it’s not. I could care less what you think of me and I certainly know I am not a vicious gossipmonger hag. Hey, Anonymous COWARD, you realize this is a gossip site, right? You’re aware of that, right? Or did that escape you? You just showed us all your um, OBVIOUS INTELLIGENCE (snicker).

        • Kamila

          Oh, and ANONYMOUS, you might want to google the affair that Harvey had with a Polish actress right *after* he married Georgina. There are photos of it all over Polish gossip sites, pictures of him canoodling with her in Warsaw. Still think it’s unproven? Righty.

  • mandy shiner

    I went to school with Georgina! Her family were very successful and she made herself successful before meeting Harvey. They are definately in love and Georgina by no means needed his money before she was who she is today or indeed now. I think some people just like to make themselves feel better by insulting others. You do not know them or anything about their private lives. George is a lovely and down to earth person and always was. She is very kind and loving and she fell for this man for sure.

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