Jessica Alba & Honor Have Some Fun


It sounds like Jessica Alba and her daughter Honor are in for some fun!

“Just landed! We’re so excited for our adventure to begin #girls-trip,” the mom-of-two founder wrote this weekend, Tweeting this cute picture of her and her 4-year-old. Such a sweet pair!

The break is a hard-earned one for the Honest Company founder, who just this weekend Tweeted about a 17-hour work day put in at the office. Earlier this year the already busy star revealed that she’s also working on a book:

“It’s totally crazy but amazing,” said Jessica, who also has 1-year-old daughter Haven with her husband Cash Warren. “I’m not extreme. This book is for people who are in the middle but want to create a healthier life, like me.”

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Hope

    Aww :) two beautiful girls!

  2. Anna

    Honor looks so much like her daddy! Beautiful little girl :)

    • KAS

      It’s funny because the first thing I thought was that she looks so much like Jessica. Lol this little girl seems to look so much like one parent one day and the other the next!!

  3. laura

    Adorable. It’s sad that since she had her daughters basically Jessica doesn’t act anymore and is all focused on business..
    I mean, the Honest Company is certainly a good activity, but I miss Jessica’s acting days!


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