Jessica Alba’s Ice Princess

Jessica Alba Takes Honor Ice Skating Today

Sin City star Jessica Alba and her 4-year-old daughter Honor have landed in London!

Joined by the nanny, the mother-daughter duo were seen all over the British town on Tuesday (December 4). The pretty pair stopped by the National History Museum and later went ice skating.

On Sunday, the Fantastic Four actress tweeted, “Just landed. We’re so excited for our adventure to begin #girls-trip.”

And later in the day, she wrote, “Had a blast at Winter Wonderland.”

The stunning star is currently working on her next film Sin City: A Dame to Kill For costarring Clive Owen and Mickey Rourke.

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  • Ella

    Honor’s oufits are too cute!

  • Kit

    Get your ass out there, Jessica! Sheesh

  • Mary

    Honor is dressed so adorable, love how Jessica, Honor and Haven are always dressed. I never went on the ice with my daughter because I couldn’t skate, I would have hurt her more by going out there and therefore let my sister or husband go. Getting on ice when you cannot skate with your child could seriously hurt them.

    • NYC Mommy

      Mary- I agree with your comment. However, she could have helped out and taken the nanny/friend’s huge bag. Anyway cute pictures. :)

      • Anonymous

        Ahhhh NYC Mommy akd the Queen of the Second Guessers and the Princess of the Irrelevant Comments. Why do you ALWAYS feel the need to point out what you think someone is doing wrong based on a photo? Are you really THAT critical?

        • NYC Mommy

          Anonymous- AKA my personal stalker and person who comments on every comment I post- I do the same as everyone else on here except I don’t curse people out or call them idiots or hags like some others do.

          • Anonymous

            Well, you’re a hyper-critical Nazi. SOMEONE needs to call you out on it.

          • NYC Mommy

            Really now you want to call me a NAZI. You dont even know me , perhaps my whole family was killed in holocaust. what an insenstivie thing to say. Oh I forgot that is what all your posts are about.

          • Anonymous

            You criticize every single celebrity that’s posted here because nothing any of them does is good enough and you want to call ME insensitive? That’s rich!!

            (Was your entire family was killed in the Holocaust? Because that might explain why you are so unhappy and judgmental of every celebrity on this website).

    • Ella

      Jessica is currently probably not allowed to do some “risky” sports – just what I thought when noticing her abstinence of the ice-park. Some sources are mentioning that Jess is filming a movie these days, that could be the reason why she has to play safe.

  • Elle

    London is the capital city, not a town.

  • Anonymous

    What a lucky little girl :)

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