Tori Spelling: Being A Mother Of Four Is “Overwhelming”

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It seems Tori Spelling is done having kids – at least for 2012.

“I always knew I wanted to be a mom, I always thought two, that’s what I grew up with. I never dreamed I would have four,” the 39-year-old actress reveals to Access Hollywood. “I think my resolution for this year is to stop having kids.” –  “For this year,” she clarifies, making note that although her household of four kids under six frequently gets a little crazy, she hasn’t necessarily ruled out the possibility of adding to her brood.

During an interview with the ladies of The Talk, Tori says she saw her family’s dynamic change drastically when she gave birth to son Finn three months ago.

“It has put us over the edge. They’re 10 months apart, Hattie and Finn,” she explains. “It got a little crazy going from three to four. It’s basically like having twins at home. It’s overwhelming.”

Tori and her hubby Dean McDermott are parents to children Liam, 5, Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and Finn, 3 months.

Dean is also father to his teenage son Jack from a previous marriage.

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  • Jessica

    Oh please. She has a baby nanny! She’s very hands on with her kids but she ain’t doing most of the baby caring!

    • Lakesha

      We all have help with our children, doesn’t mean we don’t still get overwhelmed.

      • Rose

        No, not everyone has help with their children. And she has more than just a normal amount of help. She has 2 nannies and a housekeeper.

        • Anon

          You don’t get to draw the line about what a “normal amount of help is”. Each individual person gets to do that for themselves. Stop judging.

          • Rose

            Umm, yes, I do get to make comments about what a normal amount of help is because this is a comments section where people get to leave their opinions. And you don’t get to decide whether or not I’m allowed to have an opinion about this.

  • popsykl

    just relax and enjoy them…they are gorgeous kids….

  • meghan

    Nice to see she hasn’t learned a damn thing.

  • leah

    who cares she has millions and can afford 20 kids…shes a good mom so screw off.

    • Anon

      Classy response! Hope you don’t talk to your kids like that..Do us all favor and take your negative attitude off this board.

  • anonymous

    I think she is a terrible mom for exploiting her children and using them to make money (ie product endorsements for their parties etc). She should protect her childrens’ privacy.

  • LOL!

    I think she needs to stop having children and be grateful for what she has. It’s not all about money with regard to having many children. Just because she “has millions” makes it a good idea to continue to have more children? I don’t agree with having more than 3 children (and that’s pushing it) because I think it’s self-indulgent/selfish. The more you have, the more the kids you already have loose out on things like, getting enough attention from their parents being the most notable/important. That’s just my opinion on the matter 😉

    • Anon Y. Mous

      “LOL!” You really need to find a better hobby and not dictate how many children a couple should or shouldn’t have…especially on some friggin’ website. Besides, what’s it to you? You don’t even know this couple and their reproductive choices certainly don’t affect you.

      • LOL!

        Because just like you I can state my opinion. Guaranteed I’m not the only one who feels this way. Perhaps you are the one who needs to “find a better hobby”. What’s it to you what my opinion is? If you don’t like it, keep scrolling…hypocrite.

    • Danielle

      I come from a family with 4 kids(all girls) and my parents never lost a moment of all of us. Its not selfish at all from my parents. Of course there were fights in our house when we were fighting (between the 4 girls) But i am so thankful for having my sisters. Couldn’t do it without them!!!

      • LOL!

        Obviously there are exceptions to every rule. I’m happy that you had a nice life. I, on the other hand, didn’t get so lucky, I guess. My mother was/is a selfish person. That’s just how I feel.

  • Mary

    She can have as many as she wants, but her health needs to come first, she has got to be healthy to be around for the four little ones she has and I am sure that is her top priority. Such a beautiful family, she is blessed with two of each, all healthy and she should enjoy those four. They are so cute now and when they are pre teen and teen years she will be thankful she stopped at four!

  • http://celebritybabyscoop Susan

    Tori sounds foolish when she talks about having more children. What does it take for her to wake up? With Fynn they both almost died. Count your 4 blessings and stop having children. Next time you might not get so lucky.

  • Anonymous9

    That picture gave me a weird 1970’s flashback to my parent’s rumpus room.

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