Katie Holmes & Suri: Playdate Pair

Suri Cruise Has A Play Date

Katie Holmes took Suri for a playdate in New York City on Friday (December 14).

Wearing an animal print coat and green velvet Mary Jane shoes – the 6-year-old hid her face into her mom as she was carried into their apartment building. Katie even carried in Suri’s friend too.

Meanwhile Tom Cruise is in Stockholm promoting his latest flick Jack Reacher. He was spotted at a club ordering bottles of champagne in the VIP area.

One onlooker told the MailOnline that he invited a group of young women into the darkened section. He was seen flirting with a blonde whom Tom’s agent said was “just a fan” who approached the star “to say hello.”

He then left alone at 2.50am.


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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Missy

    Where is Suri’s friend? Looks like she is carrying her into THEIR apartment.

    • Bloopie

      Between Suri, her mother, and some random girl they don’t care for her existence, I think paparazzi want to photograph Suri and her mother.

  • anonymous

    It looks like she can not EVER have a normal life…

  • sierra

    Is it just me, or is Suri past the age where a parent carries her like a baby?

    • Louisa

      If people were following me like the pararazzi follow Katie and Suri, I’d want to be carried too, regardless of my age… The youtube-vids alone, of paps surrounding celebrities, freak the hell out of me…

      • Anonymous

        So your saying if Suri is 13 yrs old it’s ok for Katie to pick her up like a baby who can’t even walk? Then if that’s the case you need some serious help yourself!

  • jhunted7667

    The General public and the media should have a heart , leave them alone , a balanced development for the child requires a sense of security ,

    • Anonymous

      Please if Katie wanted privacy she could move and have some but she dosen’t. Matt Damon lives in NY yet we never see him or his kids along with the many other celebrities living there.

      Why are you on this site if you feel they should be left alone.

      • Anonymous

        She’s working on Broadway right now. where do you suggest she go???

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