Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Welcome Baby No.1: Cyrus

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It’s a boy for Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy!

PEOPLE reports that the talented pair are now the very proud parents of a son named Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, born on Monday, December 17.

Earlier this month the Homeland star opened up about impending motherhood, saying, “I’m excited about becoming a mom. It’s abstract still; there’s nothing much to do at this point but be healthy, incubate and take it as it comes, but I feel totally ready.”

Baby Cyrus is the first child for Claire and her husband of 3 years, who shared their pregnancy news over the summer.

Congratulations to them!

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Luna

    Aww congrats! Not sure how I feel about the name Cyrus though…

  • Anonymous

    At least it’s a name and not something made up or after a bird, color etc.

    • LA2222

      It does mean “sun”..

  • christine

    Wow, already?! I’m surprised because she just didn’t seem that big…

    I like the nickname “Cy”.

  • Scooter

    Congratulations! I love the name Cyrus. Nice middle names too.

  • sierra

    Like the name a lot!

  • JLM

    love the name!

  • me

    Cyrus doesn’t go well with Dancy.

  • Eva

    Goes better than Brooks Stuber (Molly Sims’ baby) or Darcy Dempsey.

  • to anonymous

    Claire Danes is a dirt bag and a lowlife! In her most vulnerable time, her best friend should have hooked up with her husband while Claire was pregnant (just like she did to Mary Louise Parker).

    • yep

      Mary Louise, is that you?

      • to anonymous

        Not Mary Louise, just someone who puts Claire Danes in the same category as Woody Allen. Yuck!

        • Anonymous

          Woody Allen??? You just lost all credibility there. They’re not remotely the same situation in any way.

    • Anon

      And yet here you are… reading stories about her.

      • to anonymous

        What is your point? Love the site, don’t have to love everyone on the site.

    • Lulu

      Why are you blaming the mistress, not the man? HE chose to cheat on his pregnant wife.

      • to anonymous

        Not blaming only the mistress but she is the one featured above. If it was his picture, I would have made a comment about him.

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t you ever done something bad? Something really awful that you just felt terribly about? Something that you were genuinely sorry you were ever involved in?

      How’d you like it if for the rest of your life, people kept bringing it up as if that was the ONLY thing that defined you and your life.

      No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes. You are not entitled to rehash hers for the rest of her life just because you happen to know them because she’s famous.

      Get off your high horse.

      • to anonymous

        Nope, never slept with my friend’s husband when she was pregnant. If that is being on a high horse then giddy-up!

        • Anon

          So you’ve never done anything wrong in your whole life? Welcome, Jesus!

          • anonymous

            Wrong… like run an almost red light or yell at the dog? Again, I will make the point that for me , sleeping with your pregnant friend’s partner is on a whole different level. Don’t have to be Jesus to see the difference.There is something wrong with Claire Danes. If your pregnant friend’s guy is hitting on you, most normal people would feel repulsed.

      • Lori

        Claire Danes publicist, is that you? How do you know she is sorry?

        • Anon

          How do YOU know she’s not??

          • Lori

            Your question is silly. I don’t care if she is sorry or not. I wasn’t claiming she was one or the other. I was asking the question because Anonymous was speaking like she new Claire Danes was sorry. I was wondering if Clair Danes had ever publicly claimed to be that is all. Anon, you seem to be taking this personally!

  • Kasey1

    To Anon-While I can’t stand Claire Danes (she just comes across as super bitchy, smug and well that whole Mary Louise Parker thing), but I don’t think she should be left at her most vulnerable time. Honestly, through all of that, she’s probably grown as a person (she is not the same at age say 23/24 as she is at 33). They have all let it go, I think we should. She’s talented, has keep most things private, never rubbed anything in anyone’s face, etc. I feel bad for Mary Louise Parker, but she looks like she’s doing okay to me. And Claire didn’t force anyone to leave anyone, it was a decision on his part. Anyway, I like the name. Unique, but not unheard of or completely ridiculous or pretensious!

  • Jenny_Loo

    Love the name! I have a 4 year old Nephew names Siris, my sister spelled it different because she didn’t want people to think of Miley Cyrus. No one we know of has the name, although im guessing it will become popular now!

    • PaminPA

      Your sister spelled it Siris because she’s in idiot. It never occurred to her that this poor baby/child/teen/man will have to spell his name to every person he ever deals with for the rest of his life, and that people will constantly be spelling it wrong (even though they’re spelling it right and your sister spelled it wrong). What a moron.

      • Lizzie

        You are very mean.

        • Anon

          Maybe, but she’s also correct.

  • Elizabeth

    Cute name, could go by Cy- that would be cute. I thought she would have a girl ,just a hunch.

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