Trista Sutter & Family: Ski, Snow & Smiles

Blakesley Beaver Creek

Enjoying the sun and snow in Colorado, the Bachelorette alum Trista Sutter, 40, shared some family fun photos on her Twitter account Saturday (December 22).

“My ski family loving Beaver Creek today!” the pretty mama announced along with a photo of hubby Ryan and two kids – Max, 5, and Blakesley, 3.

The active family – who all took part in a 5k run on Thanksgiving – just love the outdoors. “The kids couldn’t get enough of the snow today!” the firefighter’s wife added.

On Christmas eve morning (December 24), Blakesley wanted to play dress up to prepare for Santa’s arrival. Dressed in a pink tutu and tiara, the adorable toddler was all smiles. Mama shared, “Before I could get out of bed this morning, Blakesley made her 1st wardrobe change of the day.” What a cutie!

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  • keira

    Trista is producing a tramp – just like herself. Trista needs to go away – she represents nothing but greed, mooching, leeching, and opening her mouth wide to milk more and more stuff off of others instead of working for it herself.

    • Kaz

      nasty jealous bitch!!!!!!!!She has been lucky and is happily married.

  • brenda

    I have to agree, I liked all of the people on the bachelor/ette shows except for Trista. Trista always seemed to be obsessed with he money and the trips and the presents. I suppose its easy to then say that you “love” everything going on. It’s insulting that she tries to pass herself off as an expert on true love when really she admited to trying to “capitalize her gain” from a show. However she wants to word it, she is greedy and milked her 15 mins. Picking the easiest person to control from a batch of suitors because he’ll think your 2 year old voice doesnt get old doesn constitute being an expert on “love”, if anything it means you know how to milk and take advantage. If other people think that’s admirable- to talk about orgasms and have an ego big eough to cover ten zip codes .more power to you Trista. I really dont believe such self centered, greedy, egotistical people should be allowed to raise children and impart the values on talking like an infant about orgasms in order o get free trips and gifts and weddings paid for. Please leave Trista and work off your debt you stole from honest decent hard working people who work instead of cracking their voice to get their face n websites.

  • Lucy

    People should quit acting like her little girl is going to be a beauty queen. She has a very large forehead and may be cute now, but that forehead is going to be huge when she is older. Trista should quit making a big deal about her daughter’s looks and encourage intelligence instead.

  • keira

    Nice name “Kaz”. It’s lovely to see that your idea of intelligent contribution is foul language and vulgarity. We thank you for showing us how wrong we are with our clean language and brining everything down to the “nasty” level of you and Trista.

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