Jessica Simpson Confirms Pregnancy Rumor Via Twitter


Jessica Simpson shared a photo of adorable Maxwell sitting on the sand on Christmas Day (December 25). Noticeably are the words ‘Big Sis’!

She wrote: “Merry Christmas from my family to yours!”

This pretty much says that Simpson and fiance’ Eric Johnson are expecting their second child.

Even though the couple haven’t confirmed the news – at the end of November a source had said, “It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again. She really is overjoyed!”

As for her endorsement deal with Weight Watchers? Their PR manager had stated, “Any questions related to Jessica’s personal life can only be answered by her team. We do not disclose financial details about our relationships with any of our ambassadors.”


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Photo credit: Twitter

  • laura

    I’m really happy for them! Even if it wasn’t planned (it rarely is when it happens just a few months after a baby) she already seemed to be in love with her family, so I’m sure they are all just happy about it.
    And the babies will grow up together, it will be so much fun for them!

  • Ella

    Maxwell looks so cute when she’s smiling! :) I’m happy for the growing family!

  • Anonymous

    Since when is a boyfriend/fiance considered family?

    • laura

      What should he be called in your opinion, a stranger who just impregnated her? Ignorance and intolerance do no good, people..

    • Marie

      So i guess Brad Pitt is not part of Angelina’s family?

      Is it only the woman who makes the family in your opinion?

    • ntm76

      how about Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? They have been together for probably close to 30 years and never married. They have outlasted many marriages. I would say without any hesitation that they are each other’s family.

    • Trish

      People like you disgust me. Families aren’t formed with a piece of paper. They’re formed through love and experiences. I have plenty of people in my life that aren’t related to me in any way, but they’re 100% my family.

      I really feel sorry for you, because I don’t think you have any clue what “family” really means.

  • Anonymous

    Laura – you’re an idiot. A boyfriend is NEVER considered family. Are you that stupid or just pretend to be????

    • laura

      If it’s a casual boyfriend or a guy that you’ve been dating for a couple of months I agree that he’s not considered family, but if he’s a fiancé or a guy with whom you’ve been together for some time, the relationship is serious, you live together, you have kids together, he is family. Two people can also decide never to get marry and at the same time stay together their whole life… For example, aren’t Brad and Angie a family, for you?
      There’s not just one way to built a family, you’re very intolerant if you think so, and you’re also very rude for how you answered. Intolerance creates violence.

    • Tiffany

      If you go to a hospital or deal with the government, a boyfriend is never considered a family member. In fact when my boyfriend, who I had been dating for over 2 years, was in the hospital I wasn’t allowed in to see him because I wasn’t family and he was in the ICU.

      • DIetra

        Just because the government doesn’t recongzine your bf as family, doesn’t make him any less of a family member to you and yours. Correct?

        • PaminPA

          I agree. I get to decide who my family is, not the government.

          With that said, I honestly don’t know why people who get engaged (or stay engaged forever because they just don’t have ‘time to plan a wedding’) just don’t get civilly married *now* and plan the big event for *later*.

          If you want to be married, be married. If you want a big wedding, that’s something else altogether.

    • NYCMommy

      Dictionary defintion of Family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. So family so he is definitely her family. You dont have to be married to be family just living in same household. :)

      • NYCMommy

        Lets try this again without mistypes….
        Dictionary defintion of Family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. So he is definitely her family. You dont have to be married to be family just living in same household.

  • Xxx

    I have a boyfriend and he’s not considered my family. Marriage makes it a family, at least that’s the way I grew up.

  • Adalaide

    Laura’s probably the product of a knocked up mother too.

    • laura

      No, I was born 4 years after my parents’ marriage, I’m just more open minded and respectful than you.. And polite, maybe..

      • laura

        I meant my parents’ wedding, english is not my first language..

        • NYCMommy

          marriage was fine… your english is better than many of us who have english as first and only language. I totally agree with your post. They are family. :)

          • laura

            Thanks! :) It’s nice to see someone being just nice and kind.
            Although (as I’m relieved to see) from the numbers of likes/dislikes it looks like most people are pretty reasonable and respectful, sometimes there’s a lot of readers who think that the more they insult the cooler they are..

  • Adalaide

    English isn’t your first language? Then that explains why you think the way you do.

    • Marie

      Language has nothing to do with the way people think. What’s wrong with you?

    • Veronica

      ¿Cómo se pueden decir tantas idioteces en una misma frase? — Cool story bro.

  • romi

    there’s a family when a baby is growing up surrounded by love!
    wedding can be only a contract, love is love!

  • Xxx

    Don’t pick on Laura she’s just a kid and doesn’t know any better.

  • Annie_S

    Too much negativity on this site..
    Maxwell is adorable!
    Happy for them!

  • Anna

    Wow adalaide… How racist! I’ m from Germany and i’ proud to say that German is my first language. Heritage is not an indicator for character or a different opinion. I was married and had my baby After the Wedding but maybe other People Chose a different Lifestyle… And i respect other People. Even of you don’t like it, nothing and by that i mean nothing gives you the right to judge other People’s Lifestyle. Think about it! How can you Even think about judging somebody you don’t Even know…

    • coco

      I totally agree. And anyway Jessica and Eric do want to get married, but simply Maxwell arrived before they could plan it, and I’m sure she just brought joy. After Maxwell I guess Jessica wanted to get back in shape for the wedding and they both wanted to focus on the baby girl, and both things sound perfectly reasonable and NORMAL to me. Then apparently this second baby arrived and I think that a lot of unplanned things happen in life, but this doesn’t mean they are not good.
      Look at Nicole Richie and Joel Madden: they fell regnant just a few months into dating, stayed together, had even a second child, and after a couple of years got married.. What’s wrong with their choice?

  • Danielle

    Oh my. When people complain or make fights on forums like this it shows they don’t have anything better to worry about in their own life. They start picking on others. Kind of see through….

    • ntm76

      not only that but it’s funny that the biggest complainers all post under anonymous. They never will use a real name or even initials.

  • Emily

    Marriage is just a piece of paper. Love is what makes a family.

    Congrats to Jess, Eric and Maxwell. I hope they get a little boy this time. xo

    • Emma

      Marriage is a verbal (vows) and legal commitment.

  • Jessica V

    That baby is actually beautiful, there are plenty of cute and pretty babies on this site, but this one is stunning.

  • liena

    so 2 people who love each other, have been together for decades and have kids together are not “family” but two people who have just met, have sex,get pregnant and get married because there ‘s a kid on the way, are family? whoah people still believe that? grow up america, mariage is just a piece of paper

  • klutzy_girl

    Wow. They are a family, so really? Way to be rude. They have a daughter and another on the way. They’re getting married. That’s that.

    Congratulations to them! The way she announces her pregnancies is cute.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what the problem is with this world – marriage is NOT just a piece of paper but morons like you who think that way makes it less than what it should be.

    I guess these 2 idiots will be “engaged” for years. Why bother? Just live in sin with your illegitimate kids.

    Tiffany – you’re the only one with a brain :-)

    • laura

      I personally don’t think marriage is just a piece of paper, but I think every couple can choose what works better for them and every choice has to be respected.
      Marriage adds something more, something different, but a family is a family even without marriage. The most important thing is to respect the others, especially when they seem just good people who raise their children with love.

    • Bloopie

      Seriously. What makes you married? God leaves his kingdom and tattoos the word “married” on your ass? And this tattoo glows in the dark? No. You just sign a paper and you have a different title. Getting married is nothing. If marriage is the only thing that makes your family a strong loving one, then you have a lot of issues.

    • Trish

      The point people are trying to make that your tiny brain doesn’t seem to capable of grasping is that a marriage certificate does not make a family. Commitment, however, does. And please spare me the line about how being married makes you more committed. With a divorce rate of 50% in this country, that’s obviously not the case.

      I’m not anti-marriage. I’m just much more pro-commitment. I don’t care how people commit themselves to one another, as long as they’re happy. Why can’t you afford people that same courtesy?

  • dee

    since when do you people get to decide who she considers her family? seriously get over yourselves. it’s the holiday season. maybe you should concentrate on your own families instead of worrying about hers.

    on a more purposeful note being that this is a website for celebrity baby scoop, maxwell is adorable! congratulations!

  • madison

    what is the point of getting married in Hollywood?Most of the celebrities who are married with children are divorced .christna augliera jennie grath britney spears mayim basim resse withersoppon bethny frankel jennifer lopez katie homles selma hayke selma blair

  • Jen

    At first when I heard this I thought, geez, what an idiot getting pregnant so soon after, don’t these women know anything about birth control?! But as long as they are happy with the news and as long as they are loving parents and can afford the new addition (which the obviously can), then I say, good for them! As for the family thing, love makes a family. People need to quit judging. Are you going to make the kids feel bad because their parents aren’t marriied? No (and if you do you’re just a) an idiot and b)just plain mean.). Who cares!

    Also I think they way she announces her pregnancies is super cute and creative!

  • Jen

    Oh- and these “Anonymous” posters talking about living in sin with illigitemate kids…I find it REALLY interesting that you all are so quick to judge and spew hate but yet you all are “Anonymous.” Scared everyone will know who you really are? It is one thing for everyone to have their own opinions, quite another to spew hate and ignorance (and just plain wrong facts, to boot). Especially when you’re too scared to put your own names on your posts!

    • Anonymous

      Do you think posting under the name “Jen” identifies you in any way?


      That’s hysterically funny!

      • Jen

        It’s even more ridiculous when you consider that anyone could write that their name is Jen, even if your name is Agnes!

        • PamInPA

          But how do we know your name is REALLY Agnes? Or Jen? Or Anonymous?

          I think there should be ID checks made on this site, so that the fools who have a problem with Anonymous posters can sleep at night again.

          • laura

            The point is NOT to know that person’s actual name in real life, but to be able to identify everybody who comments in a post: if I always use the name laura, you always use PamInPA, she always uses Jen, everybody can see who wrote what and that’s a more open, clear, honest, adult way of doing things..

  • chrisii

    why cant people enjoy the child they have before rushing into having anoither

    • coco

      Answer number 1: because it wasn’t planned- it happens to a lot of people, not just celebrities;
      Answer number 2: because they want the kids to be very close in age: it can be fun for the children themselves..

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