Happy 2nd Birthday Faith Kidman Urban!

Urban and kids fly to meet Kidman

Name: Faith Margaret Kidman Urban

Parents: Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Date of Birth: December 28, 2010

Siblings: Sunday Kidman Urban, 4, Connor Kidman Cruise, 17, & Isabella Kidman Cruise, 20.


♥ Faith was born at Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital

♥ She was born via a gestational carrier and is biologically Nicole & Keith’s child

♥ Her middle name was chosen to honor Nicole’s late grandmother

♥ Faith’s birth was kept under wraps and, as such, was a huge surprise to the public once it was announced


“I’m amazed that I have been a mother for so much of my life now. It’s odd, but because of them I don’t feel 45. All my kids are highlights of my life. They are all of my biggest joys.” – Nicole on motherhood.

“Being a husband and a father is a horrendous responsibility but it’s a beautiful opportunity as well. I’m always balancing the need to encourage the girls’ freedom and not impose on their own journey with that primal need of the father and husband to protect and guide them every step of the way.” – Keith on fatherhood.

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  • Nelly

    Happy birthday ugly!

    • Jule

      What a sad little existence does it take to be so mean towards a child?
      No one has to find every child cute, beautiful or anything, but it should be a grown up thing to do and just common decency to not go about and be so utterly derisive and shallow.

    • nat

      A child grows into their looks and she will grow into hers. she looks more like her mother than her father. So to call the child ugly, Nelly u must have been a ugly child and still maybe an ugly adult yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t agree that she’s ugly but this is an on line site and the child will not see it so lighten up. How is she being mean to a child? SMH

    • Jule

      It doesn’t matter whether or not the child will ever see this. I’m generally shocked by the attitudes on display on this site, as I find it quite telling that many people don’t even hesitate to post degrading stuff about others, let alone a child. Plus: I think it is really cheap to try to put someone down because their looks and your individual opinion about it.

      • Anonymous

        Jule, for some reason, this site is overrun with people like you’ve described. It’s really disgusting to see over and over again.

  • Noinin

    She is not ugly at all! She just looks tired and scared.

  • Lil

    Happy Birthday lil Angel!!!, we share the same birthday, sweet!!! :)

  • Lynn

    Sweet child! Nelly…look inside yourself to see real “ugly”

  • Robin Gentry

    Keith and Nicole are so blessed to have 2 beautiful babies… Good luck to them…

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