Moon Bloodgood & Husband Welcome Baby No. 1: Pepper

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Moon Bloodgood is now a mommy!

The 37-year-old Falling Skies star and her husband Grady Hall welcomed their first child -  daughter Pepper – on Saturday (December 15), her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

In October, Moon confirmed her pregnancy news with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Congratulations to the new family-of-three!


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Photo credit: FameFlynet


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  1. Ano

    And the next will be named Salt.

  2. Yuk

    Pepper? Seriously? Poor child.

  3. Anonymous

    And the ridiculous names continue. What’s next Salt, Ketchup, Mayo, Jalapeno, Garlic? How stupid are people?

  4. arabella

    pepper is the worst celebrity baby name ever.there was an actress/singer who name her daughter sugar.

  5. SMH

    Yikes!! I mean her name is Moon but even that is better then Pepper. Do people not think about their kids. Where do we draw the line? lol

  6. arabella

    Moon is her middle name.Her first name is Korinna. People thought olive was a bad name.

  7. jan

    I don’t mind the name, but then I’m an Iron Man fan. I actually think it’s kinda cute. :)

    • Lizzie

      I agree, I don’t think Pepper is that bad really. And like the person above said, people name their kids Olive, which people seem to like.

    • Nala

      I think it’s cute too, kind of similar to Poppy or Piper. People are always afraid of something new. I would choose Pepper over Kaitlin or Sophia any day. Different is good people!!! Her name is Moon and she probably loves being different, so she wanted the same for her child.

  8. Adele

    I like it.

  9. Clementine

    What you guys aren’t thinking of is most common names are objects, occupations, flowers, months, colors……and you love them anyway.
    EVERY name is ‘weird’ the first time you hear it. The only reason this name sounds strange to you is because you haven’t heard it before. Some of you seem to be SO narrow-minded….it’s sad really.

  10. courtneyb

    I like it. Actually it doesn’t seem stranger than Moon, Olive or Vida or Scarlett. I find it kind of cute.


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