Anna Silk & Seth Cooperman Expecting First Child


Anna Silk is pregnant!

The Lost Girl star is expecting her first child – a baby boy due in early May -  with her husband Seth Cooperman, the actress reveals to Us Weekly.

“I found out I was pregnant the day before we started shooting the last episode [of season three],” the 38-year-old mom-to-be reveals. “It was very, very exciting and so hard to keep it a secret on set. I wanted to tell everyone at work, but I didn’t…I talk about babies all the time, but when I got pregnant, I stopped saying anything about babies. I thought people were going to suspect something…It was really thrilling to finally be able to tell them though.”

It seems Seth is looking forward to – and preparing for – first time fatherhood.

“He’s very excited. He’s over the moon,” she says, adding that Seth has been preparing for fatherhood by reading a guide called Dad’s Pregnant Too. “Sometimes when I look over at him, he will be looking very emotional, and I’ll say, ‘What’s wrong?’ And he’ll say, ‘Your body is working so hard.’ I’m really glad he has that book. He is already a great guy, but this makes him extra sensitive.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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  1. Nina D.

    I’m a big Lost Girl fan and I’m so happy for Anna and her husband! My birthday’s May 14th, so it’d be awesome if she had her baby on my birthday.

  2. Stewing Griffin

    Congrats! : )

    Does your pregnancy mean the end of Lost Girl?
    So many great shows ended because one or more key players got pregnant before it reached 7 seasons.

  3. kay

    im a big fan of lost girl, ,

    I really glad to hear that Anna pregnant her first baby, , ,congratulations Anna, , I love u

    l hope ur pregnancy isn’t end of lost girl series,I don’t want anybody else playing bo, , , ,


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