Farrah Abraham: I Waxed My Preschooler’s Eyebrows


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham says she feels “like a good mom” after waxing her 3-year-old daughter Sophia‘s eyebrows.

The 20-year-old reality star, who recently underwent multiple cosmetic surgeries, blogged about her latest parenting dilemma, writing, “So here I am faced with a standout historical moment in motherhood when I can confirm to myself that my little, adorable, most cuddle-able cutie, baby girl has a Unibrow :( , I felt bad for her, and I started asking friends … is this hair just going to fall out … is it just hormones at this age?, well the hair didn’t go away and others started saying it was here to stay.”

Explaining that she “felt bad” for her daughter, Farrah took matters into her own hands. After an ill-fated attempt at waxing, the reality star mom ended up plucking her preschooler’s brows into perfect form – while she slept!

What was Sophia’s reaction to the surprising makeover?

“The next morning I showed her and told her how well she did and she didn’t even know. She was more intrigued now to be ok with upkeeping her non-unibrow. I could tell she was proud.”

What do you think of Farrah’s latest revelation?

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  • KitKat

    Poor, poor child

    • Jess

      This is no different than a mom piercing her babies ears! It all comes down to unnecessary pain in the name of vanity.

      • Jess

        baby’s not babies

  • May

    Good grief. No child deserves a mother like that.

  • laura

    Honestly I disagree with the previous comments. Normally I wouldn’t, because I don’t like and I don’t think it’s appropriate when kids are obsessed with fashion at such a young age, I don’t like when they pay attention to it very much (for example Stella Mcdermott).
    But, come on, the unibrow is a really ugly thing. If anybody has some extra hair that’s not going to fall why should they see themselves ugly, be made fun of and maybe when they look at themselves in the photos in ten years be sad?
    So I think that if it’s just the unibrow, and nothing more, it’s fine, it’s just to have more harmony, both aesthetically and “spiritually”.

    • Tula

      I doubt at 3 she would be made fun of for her eyebrows….if she is then she’s not the problem, it’s the other kids.
      At 10 or 11 i don’t think it would be a big deal, but 3??

    • Annaleah

      All she is doing is basically telling her ‘adorable’ girl that she is ugly.
      What did she say as she got ready to rip her hair out….’this is ugly so we have to get rid of it’?
      It’s different if the child was upset by it, but I don’t think a 3 year old cares about her eyebrows too much.

    • WTF


      • laura

        Yeah, spiritually is not the right word.. Sorry, english is not my first language and in that moment I didn’t have the right word in my mind.. I meant psychologically..

        • Johanna

          Frida Kahlo never did anything about her unibrow. Some people like it. It’s NOT for her mother to decide. It’s for her to decide when she’s old enough. Instead of telling the kid how she should react to her own face, maybe people like you should just keep quiet. It’s not your business to tell the kid she’s got something “ugly” on her face. Keep that to yourself. Kids CAN be taught not to be mean. I don’t understand where people think they can’t. Being mean is TAUGHT behavior. Teach your kids to be nice to other kids maybe? My mom taught my brother and me to be nice, accepting kids and never to bully others. Guess what? We didn’t.

  • laura

    Maybe waxing is not appropriate (I don’t even do it on myself), but if the problem is big, maybe after asking the pediatrician for advice I would have plucked it too, if I was her.

    • Kate

      really now, how “big” of a problem can eyebrow hairs be?

    • Anna

      You would ask a pediatrician about eyebrow plucking? Really? It’s not a medical issue!

  • Noinin

    I don’t think 3 years old kids poke fun on unibrows to be honest. They just don’t notice that kind of stuff unless older people tell them. I think the mother is probably too insecure. But it isn’t very rare, when I was in first grade one of my classmates’s mother was plucking her eyebrows – and it wasn’t because of an unibrow nor was she a pageant mom. I wouldn’t do that unless my child specifically asks for it.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t think 3 years old kids poke fun on unibrows to be honest”

      They do if their mothers are anything like the self-righteous, all-knowing, holier-than-thou hags that consume this board. Can you imagine what the women {gag} here teach their kids? Judgement and bullying are ways of life for some people and they certainly can pass that on to a small child.

      (And for the record: I don’t think someone should be tweezing and waxing a 3-year old. But she’s not my kid, and plenty of people do things with their kids that I don’t think they should be doing. It’s none of my business.)

      • Anonymous

        You’re the one bringing negativity to this post so think before you write.

      • Pippa

        YOU are being judgmental by saying that ALL the women on here are bad moms. You didn’t say that exactly, but that is definitely what your comment is implying. How do you have any idea what kind of a parent I am?

        “Judgement and bullying are ways of life for some people and they certainly can pass that on to a small child.”

        Like you do? Actually, I bet you’re not even a parent.

        • Anonymous

          Pippa, would you care to point out where I said that ALL the women here are bad moms? Even you admit that’s not what I said, and I never implied it either, you inferred it all on your own.

          Read through the comments on this website and you will see ‘women’ calling children the nastiest names I’ve ever seen, being vicious and mean, judging every single hair on their heads. If that’s not a HAG then I don’t know what is. If that’s not the kind of person that shouldn’t be having children and passing that on, then I don’t know what is.

          And pointing out someone’s judgements doesn’t make ME a bully.

  • denise

    She needs serious therapy. She left home to be on her own. It’s her child she’ll have to decide for herself if waxing the child’s eyebrows is necessary for something she thinks is just a way of thinking to her mind she’ll be prettier. I don’t know. This show has made these girls grow up too fast and irresponsible. These children suffer. Look at her she has had plastic surgery to enhance her breasts and nose and chin.

  • me

    Proof that some people shouldn’t be parents.

    • Pippa

      I agree, but I am going to interject a slight correction: “Proof that TEENAGERS should not be parents.”

      • Anonymous

        Please, adults make ridiculous decisions like this too. Don’t make it a teenager issue.

      • Rosy

        Only she isn’t a teenager anymore, she’s 20 years old. She’s shallow, yes, but age doesn’t define how great of a parent somebody can be.

      • Bloopie

        Has nothing to do with the fact that she’s a teen. I know someone who got her son at the age of 14 or 15, and she is a much better mother than mine, who got me at 29!

  • L-er

    I’m surprised by comments in this thread, she is teaching this child that it is more important what other people think about her, than what she thinks about herself. She is three years old, and her own mother is suggesting she is not attractive enough for the outside world. What a horrible world this is that people think this is okay. This poor little girl is going to have worse self esteem as a result of her mothers actions than bullying because of a mono-brow (which I don’t think would happen to a three year old anyway) could have caused.

  • Kit Cat

    I would have done it, just would not have admitted it to the whole world. She didn’t do anything wrong, yes, 3 year olds can be sassy and make fun of their peers………..there are worse things people!

  • laura

    Guys, I think you’re making too big of a deal out of it.
    It’s not tweezing a unibrow that makes her a bad mother. Come one, if you want to talk about the serious reasons why these pregnant teens are immature I’ll agree on everything, but this is not one of them.
    The point is: tweezing the eyebrows is definitely not normal for a 3 year old, and having such a young kid who’s obsessed about image is mostly judged inappropriate.
    BUT the unibrow is objectively ugly to see, so, since tweezing it doesn’t seem too “heavy” as a beauty treatment, why not?
    I honestly think it’s worse to put nail polish on your 3-4 year old’s nails, which makes her very self conscious and maybe too careful about image and make up and stuff, rather than making a simple correction to something that’s objectively ugly and that doesn’t require a heavy procedure to be taken off..

    • My3kids1214

      Honestly, you think putting nail polish on a 3-4 year old is worse then plucking her eyebrows, I’m sorry but that is just crazy!!! Makeup is one thing, you obviously are trying to cover up something on the poor kids face. I never introduced nail polish to my daughter, she wanted to put it on not me. It’s not like I’m doing anything to her face. I just don’t believe Ferrah is the mother-type, her priorities were not set and I feel really bad for that little girl!!!

  • Jessica

    Horrible. Way to boost your kids self confidence!! Tweeting/waxing/shaving shouldn’t happen until the child is way older than a friggin toddler!!
    How awful! And it’s unfortunate that Sophia is going to turn out just like her horrific mother. If you’ve seen the show you’d know what I’m talking about. Farrah is a nasty person.

    • Generations of Nasty

      …..Just like Farrah’s own mom was….Nasty. That’s all Farrah knew growing up because her own mother was so nasty to her, you can see on the show. NOT defending her AT ALL! But now it gets passed down to the third generation. Then the fourth, fifth, etc. Sad.

  • cmkb

    3 is very young for waxing. But if, in a few years, the child asks for her eyebrows or other parts to be waxed, Farrah should let her. I was kind of hairy as a child, and it was embarrassing, even in elementary school.

  • Anonymous

    3 year olds are not the problem, older children and adults are. Children know if they’re being talked about and she would start thinking she was different and not in a good way. The mom was absolutely right in waxing the unibrow. She didn’t do it so she could put her on Toddlers and Tiaras. She did it so the child would not suffer unkind comments and ridicule.

  • A. Smyth

    Oh my god. Now not only are grown women being forced to conform to a prescribed image of what women ‘should’ look like, but children too? Disgusting.

    Oh, actually, I just realised that pageant moms have been doing this to their children for years. Thus, proving my point more so!

  • Zar55

    You are all making comments that she is bad mother, but if she let her kid have that eyebrows, you comment that her kid is ugly XD sooooo, nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong here.

    • Anonymous

      You’re absolutely right.

  • Marianne

    I don’t waxing is the problem.

    I think her being 3 is a problem. I think she’s too young for wax. Maybe if she was older.

    Also, I don’t like that Farrah just went ahead with doing it without considering how her daughter felt about it. If her daughter was concerned about it, again I wouldn’t think it would be a big deal to get it waxed. But little Sophia didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

  • Meliss

    Bottom line for me is that waxing is painful. I can’t imagine inflicting unnecessary pain on my daughter. She’s the mom so it’s her call but there are about 100 different products for hair removal. Couldn’t she choose something else????

    • Jess

      This is no different than piercing a baby’s ears to make them look cuter or more fashionable. People are making a fuss that she waxed her daughter’s eyebrows but no one bats an eye at woman who pays to have someone stick a needle through and pierce a whole in their child’s (and sometimes infant’s) ears which is obviously painful for the kid.

      • Jess

        **hole not whole

  • SMH

    I think Farrah is a very unhappy person who has image issues. She is modeling & seeibg perfection. She hot braces when imo her teeth looked fine. Some people will never be happy or content with their self image and seems like all she is doing is putting her own insecurities onto Sophia.

  • Claire

    Mom teaches very shallow values to her daughter.

  • cassey

    I don’t think that what she did was right, but her daughter is in the public eye and on a tv show. I can see where she (a 20 year old!) would feel pressure to have her daughter look a certain way. I mean, practically every post I see on here about the Affleck girls has comments condemning their teeth, hair etc…

  • Jenn

    Anybody who saw her delivery on TV knows that this woman is vain beyond belief. I’m not particularly surprised.

  • Jennifer

    Oh my. How sad. Her daughter is way too young to be ‘waxed.’ Farrah is too concerned with image, looking perfect, and surface appeal. I have no respect for her. Farrah should be a better role model for her daughter. And beauty comes from within. I tell my daugher constantly, “you can be the prettiest princess in the world, but if you are ugly in your heart & actions….then it really doesn’t matter how beautiful you look on the outside.”

  • Alyssa

    This just proves how terribly superficial Farrah is and it’s so sad that now she’s picking on poor Sophia. A unibrow is no big deal and kids really don’t care about that sort of thing. My concern is if this little thing bothers Farrah now when Sophia is only 3, imagine how many things she’s gonna rag Sophia about as she grows? Sophia’s gonna turn into a mini Farrah who resents her mother and hates herself.

    And, IMHO, I can’t believe we haven’t heard anything about Farrah complaining about Sophia’s teeth. They are obviously all messed up from her pacifier habit. But of course, Farrah won’t take any responsibility for that since accountability is not her strong suit.

  • Hannah.J

    When I get my eyebrows waxed they come out all red for about an hour I can only imagine what that wax would do to a 3 year old whos skin is still so fragile.

  • Superwoman

    SERIOUSLY Why should this bother anyone ?

    “LET THE KID MAKE HER OWN DECISION” she can’t decide for herself she’s 3 that’s why she has a mom n her mom choose to pluck a few hairs. I can’t see the big deal. Sorry maybe I’m wrong I just don’t get why everyone is so frustrated with this. WOULD YOU LET YOUR CHILD WALK AROUND WITH A NOTICABLE BOOGER IN HER NOSE ? I assume everyone’s answer would be NO. WOULD YOU LET YOU KID WALK AROUND WITH WAX IN THERE EARS ? Again I assume that’s a NO. I bet you wouldn’t ask your kid if they wanted you to clean there nose,ears,etc… If you are like me I wait til my baby gets to sleep an then I clean his ears etc… And I don’t ask his permission. I just do it for his personal hygiene because if I don’t do it than it won’t get done !

    My point is let everyone parent there own kids and if you want to let your 3 year old have a unibrow that’s your buisness. But I’m sure she/he will look back on baby pics and say ewww look at that unibrow.

    • Hannah.J

      The child is 3 who relies on her Mom to take care of her and keep her safe I do understand what you are saying but wax is hot it’s not some moisturising cream that will make her skin soft it’s burning wax with chemicals, put that on a 3 year old whos skin is still thin and developing can be dangerous. I might add that Farrah asked for opinions in her comment most likely looking for attention now that she is no longer on Teen Mom.

      • laura

        As most of us said, waxing was probably a bad idea, but plucking is fine..

  • Lindsay C.

    Honestly, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I would have been horrified to look back on a picture of myself at 3 with a unibrow, and would totally say to my mom “why didn’t you do anything about this?!” I’m sure she will have the same sentiment when she’s older.

    • laura

      Exactly! That’s what I tried to say too!

    • Anonymous

      The bigger problem is that you would have been “horrified”. I just can’t help but wonder why?? What the hell is the big deal??

  • anonymous

    I may not agree with the waxing, but if any of the negative commenters EVER lived a day as a tormented hairy child, they would understand that she is only saving her daughter from some embarrassment. Hair does not equal a limb! My mom made me think that if I ever shaved ANYTHING that I would regret it. I lived in fear and shame for many years until I just got brave and trimmed my stupid arm hair! The breaking point was having a friend say, “eww, you DO have a lot of arm hair!” Shocking but true, less hairy arms made me happy. If you don’t make it a big deal from the beginning then it’s not a big deal EVER. Being hairy may not be a big deal for my mom but it is still an everyday struggle for me. I can’ t believe I am defending Farrah, but nobody should judge her for what she is helping her daughter to cope with later. Maybe keep some beauty secrets between mother and daughter though…

  • Tee

    I don’t know what’s with everyone and the hypocrisy: it is just HAIR! Get over it! Unibrows are horrible, especially on girls, no less a little girl. Does Farrah have to wait until the little girl comes home crying because she’s been teased at school before she realizes that it’s time to wax off the extra-unnecessary hair?! Seriously, if this is wrong, you need a REALITY CHECK and a f**kin’ life! FYI, it, it does matter what others think of you and not only what you think of yourself; (although, yes, the latter is more important; yada-yada-yada); cuz if it wasn’t, maybe make-up would have become obsolete by now. And for all those who think that she is a horrible mother, look at your own lives before throwing stones of hypocrisy! I’m sure she’s better than most of you. She supports and loves her daughter, despite the fact that her child’s father is dead and her mother in-law didn’t want her daughter at one time.

  • Dana

    It’s amazing how judgmental people can be. If I were in her shoes, I would have done the same thing and I am far from vain. For those of you who think children wouldn’t say anything, you are wrong. We recently took a trip and met a very nice family. They had a beautiful daughter who had a very obvious unibrow. The mother was telling me how her daughter came home from school upset because some kids were making fun of her and she asked what a unibrow was. Children are born innocent but either through their upbringing or just innocent curiosity, they start to notice differences in one another. I think what she did will help her child from being bullied later. Like it or not, there will always be children, and adults who will find a reason to put someone else down.

  • Jennifer

    I think she is way too young to be “plucked” too.

  • Lizzig

    How ridiculous!!! 3 year olds dont care about unibrows, 2 brows or no brows. All they want to do is play and be loved. This is the mothers insecurities coming to play, and as she sees the unibrow as an ugly thing she assumes the rest of society will do the same. My son was born with a unibrow and a mustache (don’t go saying its not the same with a boy) and he nor his friends said a word about it for years….. Now at 13 he was picked on for the unibrow, and funnily enough not his mustache and we have fixed that problem for him. He now has 2 eye brows. The teen years are the time for waxing and shaving and worrying about things like this… NOT 3!!!

  • Reb

    The problem isn’t that she plucked her eyebrows, that is totally fine and the kid didn’t notice. What’s problematic is that the girl seems to be a bit of a narcissistic mother.

    Other than that plucking a few hairs is NOT a big deal at all. Waxing is a little extreme though.

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