Drita D’Avanzo Debuts 3rd Season Of ‘Mob Wives’


Drita D’Avanzo is lighting up the small screen again in the third season of VH1’s hit series, Mob Wives. The mom-of-two says viewers “can expect a huge change” in her on-screen persona this season as she’s hoping to “set a good example” for her two daughters Aleeya, nearly 12, and Gizelle, 5.

Drita opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the newest cast member, Love Majewski, and why she’s grateful they met later in life. The reality star also talks about her “wonderful” daughters and her upcoming projects.

CBS: Tell us all about the third season of Mob Wives, that recently premiered on January 6.

DD: “Viewers can expect a huge change from me in season three. At this point in time, I only allow my daughters to watch a minimal amount of TV — only channels and programs that are educational or age-appropriate like Nickelodeon. With that said, they have never seen Mob Wives, but I know that one day they will. This season I wanted to edit myself so that when they do eventually watch, I am setting a good example for them.

I really don’t want them to think fighting is the answer to solving problems, so I tried to handle situations differently than in the previous season. I want them to see me actively changing my ways, and as a result the audience will see this as well. So far so good, but I hope this doesn’t hook a U-turn. Cross your fingers.”

CBS: Tell us about the newest cast member, Love Majewski. What can we expect from you both this upcoming season?

DD: “I had heard of Love growing up, but again like the rest of the cast, she is older than me so we never hung out. I did, however, meet her a couple of times before the show started through a mutual friend and I had a good time with her. I like the way she thinks and how she looks at things because I feel it is similar to myself.

All I can say is, if Love and I did hang out growing up, we would have most likely ended up in a Correction Facility writing each other letters, so it’s best we met up now.”

CBS: How are your kids doing? What do they do to make you laugh?

DD: “My two girls are wonderful. I seriously don’t know what I cared about before they were in my life.

Aleeya is 11, turning 12 on January 31st, and Gizelle just turned 5. You want to know if they make me laugh… they crack me up! Aleeya is very sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor (a lot like her dad).

When it comes to Gizelle and humor, she is seriously hysterical. She is both animated and sarcastic and she loves to imitate everyone. One day she came in the kitchen with balloons in her dance costume and said (in a deep voice), ‘Hi, My name is Big Ang and I want some Fruity Pebbles for breakfast.’

My kids are pure comedy together and they both need their own reality show. Thank you for asking about my kids.”

CBS: How were your holidays?

DD: “I have a huge family and every New Year’s Eve we all get together at my uncle’s house in Brooklyn. He owns the entire building so he shuts it down and has a massive party in the basement. All the kids decorate a couple of days before — it’s awesome and my kids absolutely love it. My family definitely knows how to have fun.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

DD: “I recently launched my cosmetic line, Just Me Cosmetics by Drita, which offers high-end quality products at affordable prices to fit the needs of the everyday woman.

I also started a Charity called Single But Not Alone. The organization provides aid and supplies to single moms in need and it’s been amazing to help these women.

Right now, I’m writing a book on my life story. It will divulge a lot of things no one knows about me, things you don’t see on Mob Wives and things I don’t like to talk about. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so now I’m doing it.

Lastly I have been auditioning for movies. I really want to focus on acting, hosting, etc., as it’s something I genuinely enjoy and love doing.”

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  • Anonymous

    “she’s hoping to “set a good example” for her two daughters”

    Um. Yeah. Okay.

  • yvonne dominguez

    Love Drita. Its never too late to set a good example for your kids. We’re not perfect n there’s no perfect parent. She’s doing great things. #teamDrita.

  • http://YouTube.com/EsteeDarla EsteeDarla

    Please Drita tell the truth for once only reason you stopped all your act at being the toughest around is cause camera’s around people can jump in but you know your not being filled 247 and you can get your lieing butt kicked and more than that, you know better than to try to bark at Love on our of camera, that’s why you toned down, now tell people how fast you did a180 everyone you seen Karen or Ramona, just be real your not caring about setting a good example your worried about cement shoes being your permanent pair of shoes for calling areal ganster out…. Just shut up you have aboring life your no life Ho trying to create a tough ghetto bitch character that you can’t do with out trying to ride others coat tails, your a crumb snatcher.

    • United

      For a senior citizen you are talking like the ugly mean kid thats jealous of the popular girl in school,does it bring back memories? So you like to watch two overweight mean spirited women trying beat the crap out of one lady? Does it bring back memories? You should have stayed in school to get a better education as your spelling is atrocious, (forgive me if you have dementia)
      Drita has beauty and spirit, something you will never have, as long as you’ve got a hole in your butt

    • whatever

      bitch please, u r so rediculus Drita is amazing u r so crazy what ever

  • Sandra

    I watch ‘Mob Wives’ on TLC channel, broadcasted in the Netherlands. I enjoy every minute of it.

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