The Key To Potty Training Success? The iPotty?

Company unveils iPotty

Not quite sure what you’re looking at? Well, it’s a potty–with an iPad dock. Yes, mamas, potties have officially gone 2.0.

Meet the iPotty. It’s a brand-new invention that not only allows your toddler to learn to use the bathroom, but to watch movies or play games while doing so.  Read all about it including, price and where to buy it, over at Momfinds.

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  1. NYCMommy

    Enough is enough. 2-3 year olds have been potty training for years without watching movies or playing games. What is this world coming to????? Inmates are definitely running the asylum.

  2. TLG

    that looks like the perfect way to get pee on your ipad…

  3. Mia

    Is this for real????

  4. Louise

    The kids will hardly be able to focus on their pee or poo…

  5. Emily

    It’s bad enough that my husband spends an hour on the toilet while playing on his iPhone. There’s NO way I would train my child to do the same thing. RIDICULOUS!!

    • christine

      AMEN. I’m so relieved to see that the all the commenters in this thread (so far) think that this product is as ridiculous as I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is joke from The Onion.

  6. Jessica

    No babies who are of pottytraining age even need to be using an ipad at ALL much less when they are on the potty. Good grief.

  7. Dana

    For the love of god…

  8. Bloopie

    I agree that it is ridiculous, but every new idea seems ridiculous until everyone does it. I am pretty sure that parents were upset when kids started taking their books to the bathroom. Soon enough, this will become normal but right now, I am kind of … meh.


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