Kim Kardashian On Fertility Struggles, July Due Date

Kim Kardashian & Kourtney Kardashian At Sirius XM Radio

During a Tuesday appearance on the TODAY show, mom-to-be Kim Kardashian spoke candidly about her struggles with fertility, plans to “definitely” marry Kanye West, and her July due date.

“Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues, and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine,” Kim, 32, said of her sister, 28, who has struggled with infertility. “I have similar issues, and so it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens.”

On her reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim has visited fertility specialists in recent episodes.

She shared: “I think it’s just such a blessing knowing my circumstances.”

Kim and boyfriend Kanye West, 35, will welcome their first child in July. And while she’s still legally wed to NBA player Kris Humphries – she filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage –  the brunette beauty has babies on the brain.

Marrying her rapper beau “is something that we talk about,” Kim said, but their current focus is “on the baby.”

“(I’m) so content with how things are right now,” she added. “And how life is and we’re so happy. We definitely want that in the future, but I’m not in a rush.”

“I was always such a planner,” Kim said. “You think your life is going to be a certain way, and the best surprises just happen when you don’t plan.”

And it sounds like her exciting news hasn’t fully sunk in just yet.

“I think until I really start seeing, like, a belly, it won’t really sink in,” she shared. “It’s just like a weird realization until you really start seeing the physical changes, and every day’s different.”

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  • KT

    UGH…yuck. Why not get married first…see if it lasts…oh, I dunno…..more than a few WEEKS…and THEN try for a baby!?? These people are such a joke!!

  • Anonymous

    When did Kim have fertility issues, during her 2 month marriage or with Kanye who she was with for less than a year before becoming pregnant??

    • Josslyn

      Um, that is what I was wondering; who exactly was she trying to get pregnant by and why? (Considering her relationships have not been very long ones; she hasn’t even been with Kanye for a year!).

    • Jo

      It’s called you don’t HAVE to be with a person in a committed relationship to plan and try for a baby. Kim is financially stable and 30, so she was planning for a baby without a man, big freaking deal…. get a life, seriously.

      • Jess

        Just because she’s financially stable doesn’t mean that her and Kanye are prepared for a baby. If it doesn’t work out for them and, chances are, it won’t the baby is the one who will suffer. A responsible person would at the very least be sure the relationship is forever or rock solid before bringing a child into this world.

  • Em

    Ugh, not you again!
    She is as annoying as a mosquito buzzing in your ear all night!

  • Anon

    I know this has been mentioned before – but I STILL cannot get over that dress!
    What WAS she THINKING

  • Crayola

    She’s retarted. She’ll say Anything for more publicity. Bye ! were tired if u money hungry people. Kanye is nasty soon she’ll make him get plastic surgery on that big nose. That guy is hard on the eyes. Only normal kardashian is kloe.

  • SMH

    I would like to know her fertility struggles as well l mean 2 month trying isnt a struggle. Shame her baby prob would of been cuter with Kris.
    Kind of a slap in the face to khloe if you ask me!

  • NYCMommy

    Her getting pregnant so quickly and then coming out talking about her fertility troubles seems like a slap in face to her sister Khloe who has real fertility issues. :(

  • anonymous

    While I’m not doubting that she is due in July, I find it humorous that she announces her July due date a mere 2 or 3 days after Prince William & Kate Middleton announce their July due date.

    • Lola1

      I thought the same thing! I find it odd how she seems to copy Kate. I wonder when that started?

  • Kristine

    Congratulations, Mrs. Humphries !

  • Caroline

    It totally looks like she is trying to steal Khloe´s thunder by claiming she has “fertility issues” Really? As all her life is documented on her reality shows and she has never mentioned before, to me it sounds like she was trying to get extra publicity.
    Poor Khloe, she has real fertility issues and she has to deal with her fame obssesed sister!

    • Dumplains

      I find it funny that you all haters are following every aspect of the woman’s life. For your knowledge she did go to a fertility doctor even before marrying Hump. She was advised that her egg count was drastically low. That prompted her to consider freezing her eggs. We need to stop judging people let people do what they want and respect them.

      There are 365 days in a year spend 182.5 minding your own business and spend the other 182.5 planning what to do for the next 182.5 days will help us to stop minding what others do and getting all worked up over what they do.

  • Jessica

    I feel bad for khloe. She would make a wonderful mom! You can see how much love she has for her little sisters and nephew! Too bad her whore of a sister ended up pg instead. I hope Khloe gets pregnant soon!

    • LaKesha

      Yeah, because Kim being pregnant totally prevents Khloe from being able to get pregnant. What was Kim thinking? She should not be having that baby so her sister can have a baby. Everybody knows that once one sister gets pregnant another one can’t.

      • Jessica

        Yeah because that’s what I was implying…
        All I said was I felt bad that khloe who has been trying and has yet to achieve pregnancy and then now her other sister is pregnant and yes I called kim a whore because she’s still married and is having another mans baby and already plans to marry him. She’s moving too fast nd next year shell prob be with someone else

  • Sukki

    The same month as when Princess Kate is due for the heir to the throne? What a coincidence. All hail the queen of whores.

  • Alyson

    I’m sorry but when I first glanced at the picture above, I thought it was the octo-mom! haha…Kim looks different in that pic.

  • Zombieee

    I’m shocked that she got pregnant so fast considering she was with Reggie Bush for damn-near six years. Honestly, I think that Yeezy is way more into her than she is into him.

    I feel bad for Khloe. Hopefully her and Lamar can have their own soon.

  • PJ

    I saw Kim on with KL and Hoda today and though I have a zero tolerance level for anything Kardashian related, I must say Kim came off as very sweet, self-depreciating and funny (when she mentioned how the pregnancy just has her growing width-wise so far I was actually laughing out loud 😀 ) It’s also worth mentioning that she looked absolutely beautiful. (I guess baby on board means she has to temporarily stop messing with her face?)

    I still don’t believe that any of the women in this family are capable of actually telling the truth and not just playing for ratings, but I do see her in a slightly different light now after said appearnce :) On the other hand I found Kourtney to be just as whiny and insufferable as ever…

  • anonymous27

    Another ugly dress, this one looks more like curtains though…

  • Dodo

    Skank is as Skank is!!!!

  • anon

    Jo…seriously…it is a big freaking deal. Exactly what’s wrong with the world.

  • rowe_wc

    Y’all are some real hard-core cyber bullies. Just as bad as the kids in the schoolyard.

    I’m appalled at how judgmental women are of one another. Yes it’s wrong she’s a married woman with another man’s child, but in today’s world, it surely seems anything goes… It’s so contradictory how people can label one woman a ‘whore’ yet, vicariously read risque and scandalous romance novels about getting pregnant with some Italian-millionaire’s-love-child after a whopping one night stand!!! If you women can embrace tacky stories such as 50 shades then why can’t you at least accept someone else, living their life and doing what works for them.

    If you wanna talk about morality; there are other relationship/pregnancy situations on par with Kimye’s pregnancy issue, which the world proudly condones and forces onto everyone to accept and speak no negativity about. Speak up about those issues if you wanna shine a light on all that is wrong with society & media.

    Kim having fertility issues is no ones business, and a sensitive topic that shouldn’t stir speculation. As someone mentioned, Kim was with Reggie for 6 years and no child resulted out of that relationship. Fertility issues are very real and no fun. Regardless of how the fetus has come to be, it’s a blessing.

    –It’s such a shame, Doctors are not God. So many people put all their faith in MDs and the majority of the time, MDs are just taking educated guesses which in my experience have turned out to be wrong 99% of the time in relation to fertility. Some women just need time for their body to adjust, especially after being on birth control for so long… sometimes they just don’t. –maybe this will be of help to someone: drink grapefruit juice, it’s a natural ovulation stimulant.

  • Lena

    Her tubes could have been blocked .

  • anon

    rowe_wc…We could not have made it without your “wisdom”.

  • John Irwin

    At least this one wont be a bastard if she doesn’t get her divorce before birth. Trouble hiding? Her belly could never be as big as her ass. Fertility problems? Certainly no lack of trying with a plentiful list of donors.

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