Nicole Richie & Family: Beverly Hills Bunch

Exclusive... Nicole Richie And Family Leaving The Beverly Hills Hotel

Socialite Nicole Richie and her rocker hubby Joel Madden and the couple’ two children Harlow, 5, and Sparrow, 3, were seen arriving – and leaving – a Beverly Hills, Calif. hotel after attending a party on Thursday (January 18).

The 31-year-old Fashion Mentor star made her way into the venue dressed in a baggy black and white shirt, denim hotpants and silver sandals and left hours later sporting a yellow floral smock dress.

It seemed the festivities wore out little Sparrow.

Nicole carried her sleepy son in her arms when the group left the hotel and made their way home.



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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • arabella

    Sparrow is still in diapers .he’s 3 year old.

    • Ivy

      my daughter is 2 and a half and not even close, I didn’t realize there was a deadline…

    • DoesntMatter

      I happen to be normal unlike most moms on this site and think being 3 and in diapers is a little abnormal. Totally not ok unless he has a medical concern…

  • Shea

    My son wasn’t potty trained until three and we started at 2. Sometimes boys take longer to learn.

  • sandrah

    Wow, Harlow is gorgeous! I hadn’t seen pictures of her in a while and am amazed how much she’s grown!

  • Anonymous

    There is no deadline but if your child is 3 and still crapping in their diapers, then it’s 1 of 2 things. Either you’re a lazy parent or the child is slow. At 3, they know where poop is and where it’s supposed to go. In this case, I’m sure it’s Nicole being lazy.

    • DoesntMatter

      100% agree!

      • kaylan

        wow stupid people scare me im 18 and i stil have to wear pull-ups its called incontinence.

  • Taniesha

    Wow, the older Harlow gets, the more her African features are coming out.

    • Anonymous

      What makes you think her ancestors are African?

      • anja

        Aren’t Nicole’s parents black, you know, Lionel Richie…?

        • NYCMommy

          She is actually adopted by Lionel and Brenda Richie. I beleiver her biological parents are a mix of white, mexican and black.

    • Mel11

      It’s funny because her mom is like the opposite as she gets older!

  • SMH

    Three is actually not that uncommon and no its not always laziness. Some kids do not have the muscle strength to hold it. Believe it not its something kids have to learn. My friends daughter is 6 and still wears pulll ups to bed. Her pediatrician said that up until 10 sometimes it takes kids to learn to control those muscles. Hence the reason why under jams and goodnights were created for older childen. Just like elderly people in depends who start to lose the control of their muscles. Its no big deal.
    Yes some kids esp boys tend to take longer and many say bc they are lazier. Why that may be true for some kids its not the case for all. I dont know about all moms but l am sure most would agree changing diapers at 3 wasnt in their plans either.

    On a side note. Wtf is Nicole wearing?? She looks like a 90 yr old grandmom!!

  • Carrie

    Is it just me, or are the posts on this site getting more and more nasty (in some cases). Maybe its time for the site to monitor postings before they go up.

    • Elektra

      I totally agree with you Carrie, nasty comments are such a turn-off and especially on a site targeting babies and children of celebrities. There are tons for sites for ugly comments and this one should be exempt.

      The Madden family is so cute and I am glad to see pics of them. Best wishes to the lovely family.

      • kamila

        Agreed. The hateful comments are getting out of control on here. The site owners need to do something about it at this point.

    • Meliss

      That’s why I’ve kept my comments to a minimum of late. I’ve pointed this out before but then those same nasty people attack me like I’m the a-hole. Just don’t get why people are so mean on a site about cute little kids. If you don’t care about a kid or their parents then move to the next post. Don’t go out of your way to be a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    SMH – those pulls up are created for kids who wet the bed at night, not for kids who aren’t potty trained. Kids can be potty trained but do have accidents while they are asleep. But it’s clear in these pictures that Sparrow at 3 years old is clearly not potty trained yet. Hopefully he’s trained soon because poop at that age is considered adult poop and not baby poop lol

    • kamila

      A 3 year old is an “adult”? Really? Do you have children? Boys potty train significantly slower than girls, in many instances. My friend’s son got out of diapers and was fully potty trained at about 3 and it was a long process that lasted over a year. He just didn’t want to go poo in the toilet. He’s a normal, healthy, clever child who DID IT ON HIS OWN TIME. Who the hell are you to judge?

      • NYCMommy

        Kamila- I believe Anonymous was stated their poop is just like an adult not that a 3 year old is an adult.

        Not saying I agree with their opinion about potty training just clarifying their “adult” comment.

    • DoesntMatter

      Anon 9:37 I agree because at age 3 most normal 3 years old are sitting at the table eating the same meals as mom and dad… therefore the same things are coming out the exit lol

    • Rosy

      Poop at the age of 1 year could be considered adult poop too, so I don’t understand your point here. Because 1 year olds still wear diapers.

      Pull ups are actually created for kids who are training, he may almost be trained during the day but the pull up is there as a safety net. And really, it’s none of our business.

      I would assume that Nicole is doing just fine potty training her son, because it’s not like her daughter is still in diapers.

      • Anonymous

        3 1/2 is too old for diapers, in my opinion, but I’m not raising this child so it’s none of my business.

        What cracks me up about this site is the presumption that it’s Nicole alone who is responsibility for his potty-training. Does this kid not have a father???

  • Anonymous

    Kamila – you are an effin idiot. I didn’t say 3 was an adult. Are you brain damaged or just stupid? I said at age 3, they poop ADULT POOP. Pay attention when you read something.

    • kaylan

      you are sad and angry.

  • Taniesha

    Who are YOU to say boys train slower than girls? Do you do research and surveys on when toddler boys and girls defecate? My sons trained earlier than my daughter and all BEFORE 3 years of age.

  • Xxx

    Sparrow is actually 3 1/2 and that’s old to still be wearing diapers. Nicole is probably more focused on Joel’s cheating and straying than potty training her son. Just saying….

  • Anonymous

    @Rosy – “I would assume that Nicole is doing just fine potty training her son”

    Really? He’s 3 1/2 and still $h!tt!ng his diapers. She’s not doing anything right. I guess he won’t be going to school anytime soon because schools won’t accepts kids at that age that aren’t trained yet.

    • Kasey1

      My nephew does occasionally at the age of 3. Does that mean we are all doing everything wrong? Or is there more to my situation than you know about? Oh right, you’re perfect, I forget. Well, I would rather have my kid shitting in his diapers til age four than to have close minded ignorant people like you teach people that it’s okay to bully other people or knock them down when they have issues. And FYI, my nephew starts preschool in the fall, and my mother was a headstart teacher, she changed diapers on 4 yea olds. Nothing wrong with the parents or the kids (yes some parents are lazy but not all), so that’s not entirely true.

  • Anonymous

    Rosy said “Poop at the age of 1 year could be considered adult poop too, so I don’t understand your point here.

    I don’t understand your point either. For that to be the same, 1 year olds would have to eat steak, pasta etc. The last time I checked most of them were eating Beechnut pureed bananas LOL

  • Kasey1

    I see the mommy bullies are out full force on this one. I forgot that their kids are perfect and know what’s best for our kids, because I am sure my nephew, who is almost potty trained at 3, is “slow” as one of you called it or we are just “lazy.” Please, as if every kid goes at the same exact developmental rate. His doctors have said he is normal, thank you very much. The reality is, the situation is not always black and white, that’s what you guys fail to understand. People have different situations and kids go at different places, it’s a shame you perfect mothers whose kids are potty trained perfectly don’t understand that. How about, when your kid can do long division at the age of 7, don’t worry about other kids being in diapers. I swear, you’d act like mothers on here are perfect or being in the process of potty training kids, though they are not fully potty trained at 3 is the WORST thing people can do their kids. Seriously, GET A GRIP. I know that’s hard for some of you close minded dim wits, but try to wrap your head around the fact that sometimes, we do the best we can and it’s not like he’s 9 years old and not potty trained. Seriously. The ignorance and harsh judgement over the dumbest things on this site baffles me.

  • hollywood limo

    Rosy said “Poop at the age of 1 year could be considered adult poop too, so I don’t understand your point here.

  • adolove**

    why do black people want to claim everybody that is mixed with black?

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