Nicole Kidman’s Lil’ Cutie

Nicole Kidman picks up her little one from school

Actress Nicole Kidman was spotted picking her 2-year-old daughter Faith up from daycare in Studio City, California yesterday (January 22).

The Oscar-winning mom-of-four toted Faith’s little Tinkerbell backpack as she loaded her adorable daughter into the car to head home. Love the ponytails!

Nicole recently revealed that Faith and her big sister Sunday, whose dad is American Idol judge Keith Urban, have developed unusual accents.

“They were both born in Nashville, and we live in Tennessee now,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. “They have a mix of Australian and Southern [accents], which is really cute, but my mama always says, ‘I can’t understand her,’ because . . .she says, ‘Hey, y’all!’ to her grandparents.”

Nicole also has kids Isabella and Connor with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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  1. Sami

    This is one fantastic beautiful family. Mom dad and kids.

  2. musiclover

    Faith is adorable!!

  3. Sue

    Cuteness Overload!!!! :)

  4. ms. heart

    I’m really sorry, but those girls are homely… and I’m putting nicely.

  5. Marilyn

    They live in Nashville, too. I wonder when they live in California and when they live in Nashville?

  6. Marilyn

    What I mean is, whey is she at daycare in CA if they live in Nashville?

  7. Susan James

    This family is like a band of gypsies. They don’t stay anywhere long. With 2 homes in or near Nashville; at least one is LA; 2 in Australia; and 1 in NYC…the girls don’t know where they ‘live’. They have nannies and staff and travel the world like many others in ‘the biz’. Keith is touring Oz right now…he is not with them in LA.

  8. x

    i hope Faith, who has only just turned two, has a kind nanny and enjoys daycare because mum(?) has no intention of parenting this child.


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