Tori Spelling Shares Photos Of Her “Mini Toddlerista”


Could Tori Spelling‘s eldest daughter Stella, 4, be following in her mother’s creative footsteps?

In a recent post on, the proud mama-of-four shared some snaps of Stella holding up a tiny animal print dress that “she designed with a DIY Fashion kit” she received as a Christmas gift.

“Although I helped her with the construction (cutting and sewing) of her piece, she designed a dress all by herself,” Tori gushes. “Talk about a proud Mama moment!!!”

“She wanted what she called a giant ‘furball’ on the one shouldered creation,” Tori writes about her daughter’s creation. “She made it by taking strips of fabric and scrunching them up in a thimble. Such a resourceful toddlerista!”

“I think it’s super on trend and I’m very impressed with my 4 year old fashion designer! I think she has a big future!”

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  • ctl


    The word “toddlerista” and the pose/expression on this kid makes me very, very happy that I do not have a daughter. Even if my daughter didn’t grow up to be like this herself, she would certainly have classmates like this, strutting down the preschool hallways with hand-on-hip and sneering at the clothes the other kids are wearing.

  • Kasey1

    Okay, this adding “ista” to everything Stella does is super annoying. Stella is cute, but honestly, she is not a pilgrimista, a toddlerista, or a fashionista. She’s four. Maybe it’s me, maybe I need to lay off the crankiness today, but seriously, Tori says really dumb/silly things sometimes…all the time.

  • Jenn

    I have a daughter and she, nor any of her many friends or classmates have ever strutted with hand on hip. I am sure it is purely Tori’s influence on her daughter. She seems to want her daughter to grow up way too fast and annoyingly.

    • Bloopie

      It obviously comes down to how a child is raised, but I am pretty sure all kids who have access to toys have this phase at a really early age. Almost all their toys are grown-ups doing grown-up stuff!

    • LaKesha

      Jenn, never say what your children and their friends have never done. You may find that your child is completely different when you are not around.

  • Adele

    My 4 year old granddaughter is still dressing her Minnie Mouse dolls in polka dot frills. Thankfully she hasn’t moved on to off the shoulder leopard prints.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it’s any big deal. They seem like a close family unit, doing all sorts of fun things with the kids, ski trips,visits to farms, etc. One pose with a little thing she “designed” herself is nothing to warrant negative comments. Relax.

  • Jenn

    LaKesha, my daughter is now 16, she would not even had known what a strut was at age 4.

  • Anonymous

    I agree it’s how they’re raised. I’m sure Tori had an influence on her on how to act. Look at their son, he’s got a fresh mouth and the things that come out of it. At that age, I didn’t know what that stuff was. Where did he learn it? His parents.

  • Deewillis

    This little girl is so cute but the hand on the hip and the smug look is a constant. She looks like a diva but should just be a little girl. I think the reality show has a huge influence on Liam’s foul mouth and Stella’s hip action. These parents need to get these poor kids out of Hollywood or else I see a Lindsay lohan situation in the future…hope not.

  • Deewillis

    Toddler is when kids are just waking or toddling around…Stella is not a toddlerista she is 4

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