Jennifer Garner: Coffee With Her Cutie

Jennifer Garner Takes Seraphina On A Starbucks Run

Jennifer Garner took Seraphina with her for a coffee run in Brentwood, Calif. on Tuesday (January 29).

Wearing a pink hoodie and pink sneakers the cute 4-year-old wanted to be just like mom and carry her own beverage. 

Last Friday Samuel was seen with dad Ben Affleck.

The actor/director celebrated more award wins for Argo this past week. At the SAGs the movie won Best Ensemble Cast. Affleck also won for outstanding producer at the Producers Guild of America Awards last Saturday.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • katherine

    the kids are too big to be carried all the time

    • duh

      No one is asking you to carry her!

    • PamInPa

      Do you know the definition of “all the time”? Clearly, you do not.

  • arabella

    every time someone write a negative comment on Jennifer garner.some one is always defending them.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s because it’s Jennifer Garner. I think it’s because (a) it’s no one’s business if a parent chooses to carry their child; (b) she isn’t carried “all the time” as Pam pointed out and even if she were, refer back to (a).

      katherine’s comment isn’t a a negative comment, it’s a blatantly UNTRUE comment.

  • Meghan

    She’s four years old, what four year old isn’t carried?

  • Meliss

    I think people forget that celebrity kids are often picked up and carried for safety. What we see is the celeb. What they see is a mob of stalkerazzi moving toward them. I’d carry my kid into adulthood with that scenario. Scary.

  • Anonymous

    Those brats are coddled and carried wayyyyyyy too much. They are too big to be carried around. My God, all other celeb kids walk. She is a self-admitted over-protector helicopter mom and it shows in these pics. She is sickening and these are just kids, like all other kids.

    • kamila

      She is “sickening” for CARRYING her child? Really? What, do you look your kids in a closet at night and leave them to cry? Sounds like it!!!

  • Ella

    Oh good! Another photo of Jennifer Garner getting coffee. If I don’t see a photo of her every day I worry something happened to her!

  • J Ewing

    Is that why people come on this site? Just to spew out hate and negativity over someone elses children? To let everyone know that they are experts in being a parent? I can tell you that if you have enough time to troll these sites and write vicious, petty things then you clearly need to get another hobby!

    • Elektra

      I’ll drink to that. lol

  • reality

    perhaps jennifer can use her millions to buy a posh coffee machine? If she doesn’t like her or her kids photos taken that is, which she clearly does – she has to keep those royalties coming in so her kids will end up doing nothing in life like all the other celebrity kids.

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