Jennifer Garner & Violet: Laughs At Lunch

Mommy Daughter Lunch Date for Jennifer Garner and Violet

Alias alum Jennifer Garner was all smiles with her 7-year-old daughter Violet in Brentwood, Calif. The happy pair enjoyed some one-on-one time over lunch at Louise’s restaurant on Thursday (January 31).

The following day, the hands-on mama was seen at karate class with her 4-year-old daughter Seraphina. We love all the dolls that came on the outing!

Jen and her hunky hubby, fellow actor Ben Affleck, are also parents to 11-month-old son Samuuel.

Did you see the adorable photos of Ben and the girls at the farmer’s market last weekend? We love those Garflecks!

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/Pacific Coast News

  • A. Smyth

    Just not a very cute little girl, such a shame because her parents are so gorgeous! I think she will get better looking as she gets older.

  • Sarah

    What is wrong with these people who have to point out in every article that according to their opinion Violet is ugly/not cute/whatever?

    Violet is a very sweet-looking, happy girl who to me looks very pretty. Is it the glasses? Is it the fact that she is sometimes photographed in awkward poses because she skips and behaves like a normal child? I really don’t get it. And she will definitely be very beautiful when she grows up even if to some she is not already now.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah, no it’s the stuck out ears and huge gap in her teeth. She is NOT cute. She is very awkward looking. You just think she’s cute because she’s the child of celebrities.

    • Louisa

      Eerhm.. speak for yourself, please. Personally, I think her ears are adorable, and I don’t think a gap between teeth is any reason to find anyone, kid or grownup, any less beautiful and cute.
      I think she’s cute because of the dimples in her cheeks, and the fact she’s always skipping and dancing and smiling.
      All of which has got nothing to do with the fact that her parents are celebs…

      • Elektra

        I agree with Louisa and the others about the ugly comments regarding such a cute, sweet little girl who is so happy and adorable beyond words. It used to upset when I would read those mean-spirited comments until I realized that they were only made about the children who parents they did not like for whatever reason (ie Brangelina for example). I think think Violet is the most delightful child (celeb of otherwise) that I have seen in a long time and I would be proud to have a kid like her.

  • Anonymous

    I think its rude to call a child ugly, but to each their own (freedom of speech). As for Violet I think she’s pretty cute, and will probably grown up to be attractive like her parents!

  • Ella

    Darn, and I thought that the Garner/Afflecks would get a coffee maker for Christmas so we wouldn’t have to see the daily jog to Starbucks.

  • Anonymous

    If she was not the child of a celebrity, would you stop and say “wow what an adorable child”. Do you really want me to believe that? If so, I have a bridge to sell you. SMH.

    • Meghan

      Who knows? But if I saw her on the street, I definitely wouldn’t stop and say, wow that child is not cure at all. She’s a beautiful little girl. And she’s seven years old, if I saw you on the street would I stop and say “wow what a beautiful lady”? Probably not. She looks just like her mother when she was little.

      • Meghan

        Cute not cure.

    • Lola

      Do you really stop in the street to comment on children’s looks?

      • Kinky

        Actually, I do tell parents if their child is a cutie, why not? Or even a woman if she is beautiful or has on something I like, why not? We are so beaten down in this society for not being perfect a compliment can go a long way in making someone’s day brighter. I mean gosh think about how you feel when you get one. Maybe it maybe a little unnerving but its nice.

  • Sandra

    Really though, she is not an adorable looking child. If she was not the child of a celebrity, I would still say the same thing. It might be the glasses and the gap between the teeth, but the clothes she wears and how incredibly thin she is and how sort of geeky looking she looks could be why she is not cute looking. Hopefully as she grows older she will come to look not as geeky looking and grow into her looks. Its funny though, because Jennifer and Ben are good looking people.

    • Anonymous

      Look up old pictures of Jennifer, Violet looks exactly like her. But seriously, this is a child we’re talking about. Is this what our society has come to? Telling children that they’re ugly?

  • Missy

    Violet looks EXACTLY like Jen when she was young.
    In fact, Jen was even more “awkward” looking.

    I think Violet is very adorable though, she’s such a happy child, I bet she lights up whatever place she’s in. And that makes her beautiful.

    And I have no doubts she’ll be gorgeous when she grows up.

  • Anonymous

    She is far from adorable. I agree with Sandra. Kind of homely looking….like an ugly duckling.

    • Anonymous

      Leave the kid alone. She’s just that, a kid.

    • r2d2

      And as such, she’ll have the last laugh when she grows into a swan.

  • this site is disgusting

    It’s not the unhappy people writing these disgusting comments about children, it’s this aweful site that allows children to be critisized, and takes ‘freedom of speech’ waaaaaayyyy to far. I will be reporting this site as this is cyber bullying, and critisising children is unacceptable – period. The people that do this probably had that done to them as kids, and need compassion, not further hate.

    • Elektra

      Your point is very well taken and I agree totallly. This site should be held accountable for their part in allowing such a repulsive practice to go on without putting a stop to it.

  • Anon

    I know they are celebrities but I feel bad that they seem to get followed wherever they go. I mean it seems like they get photographed way more than others. That has got to get annoying!

  • Laura

    I think people automatically think because violet is the daughter of celebrities she will be gorgeous. But she’s not, she’s an average looking kid just like jennifer is an average looking celebrity, she’s not model gorgeous so why would her kid be? Violet isn’t ugly she is just your average kid who gets a ton of attention cuz her parents r movie stars

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