Tracy Anderson & Penelope’s Windy Walk

Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson and Daughter Penelope Brave the New York City Wind

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson caught some wind with her adorable daughter Penelope, 8 months, in New York City on Friday (February 1). The mother-daughter duo were seen leaving a Greenwich hotel on the chilly NYC afternoon.

“She is so sweet and gets sweeter everyday! She has this little bright white blond fuzzy head and she is just so adorable,” the proud mama gushed to Celebrity Baby Scoop of her beautiful baby girl. “She doesn’t cry and she’s super happy, and she has a very colorful personality.” 

The fitness guru – who has an A-list clientele including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Christy Turlington – recently chatted about working with high-profile mom-to-be Kim Kardashian.

“She’s been doing amazing,” Tracy said of Kim’s prenatal workout regime. “She’s doing it with caution and she’s listening to her body; she’s not overdoing anything. [She’s] such a great example — I’m so proud of her.”

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  • Bella

    What a funny face<3

    • SMH

      Mom or baby?

  • Anonymous

    it was 30 degrees and windy yesterday in NYC and that baby doesn’t have a hat on covering their ears? WTF?

    • Lynn

      Maybe the hood blew off momentarily??? I always try to give other moms the benefit of the doubt

    • Anna

      She is in a snow suit!

  • h24k

    Tracy looks great and her baby is adorable. I’m sure she takes good care of little Penelope and, like another commenter said, the hood probably blew off the baby’s face momentarily. She gives me such inspiration to be a healthy, fit, sexy mom :)

    • r2d2

      Hi Gwyneth!!

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knows or at least i thought everyone knows that a hood does not provide the same protection against the cold as a hat. With a hood, the ears are still exposed.

    Anna – I know she’s in a snow suit but her head is exposed to 30 degree weather and wind.

  • andie

    The “proud mum” looks like a female gollum. Not attractive at all. Put some weight on (and by weight I mean fat not muscle).

    • Dana

      What do you look like? Care to post a picture of yourself in blustery winter weather?

      • andie

        weather has nothing to do with it my friend.

  • chloe

    This woman has had much too much facial adjustments. Surgery, botox and fillers I suppose

  • winnie

    To be honest, I really don’t get the hype with her. She always looks so unhealthy and so is the diet and exercise regime she preaches. Why would you trust a fitness “expert” who clearly has had quite a bit of plastic surgery done — face, bolt-on boobs, etc. She also has zero muscle tone..those 3 pound only weights aren’t doing her any favors. I think I’ll stick to my trusty Jillian Michaels DVD’s thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    Dana. – I’m not 8 months old you effin MORON.

    • Lynn

      whoa… chill out!!

  • anon

    The baby should be wearing a hat, stupid woman.

  • kamila

    What’s with all the Tracy fans on here acting crazy? Did she tell her friends to come on and insult anyone who dares say a negative word about her? Ridiculous. And yes, she should have a hat on her baby but who knows, maybe it blew off, maybe they were only out for a min. It’s been FREEZING here though. Maybe Tracy should tell her “fans” not to attack people because it just makes her look bad and certainly does NOTHING to make me want to check her out products. Chill out, Tracy and Gwyneth and whoever!

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