Kim Kardashian’s Beverly Hills Bump

Kim Kardashian meets with her lawyer on super bowl Sunday

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was photographed in her workout gear in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday (February 3). Carrying a water bottle and her cell phone, the expectant reality star kept it casual in a black outfit and ponytail.

“Because she’s Kim Kardashian, I am able to pay more attention to her workout, so I check in with her all the time, and she is doing amazing,” celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson tells Hollywood Life.

Although Tracy is based in New York City, we’ve spotted Kim training at Tracy’s Los Angeles studio.

“She’s following the pregnancy project, and she is doing a great job,” Tracy says. ”She’s fun, she really likes the muscular structure. She doesn’t love to do the dance part, but she’s a really smart girl and she knows that you’re going to get out what you put in.”

But don’t expect Kim to lose those famous curves.

“She’s got like a very iconic sexy body, she’s not somebody that I would want to take her amazing curves and turn it into something emaciated,” Tracy says. “She’s such a hot girl so it’s like, let’s keep that body like that!”

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  1. cb

    Sorry people, that is not a baby bump, that is a muffin top !!!
    called a fat belly. i have one and i know how it looks and what it is called.

  2. Gisele

    Holy crap, she’s getting fat! She is pretty hippy too! Ah, poor Kim, now you’ll know what it’s like to carry a big belly in front of you and not be able to wear those clothes that you like to paint onto your body!

  3. andrea

    so much for the poll….

  4. Anonymous

    Those get the look stars that appear when your cursor is not even on the image are beyond annoying.

  5. Tray

    You guys are mean. I’m 27 weeks pregnant and my body grabs onto anything it can. I eat healthy and exercise but my body just likes to pack the pounds on! As long as she is enjoying being preggers and is moderately healthy & her baby is healthy there’s no need to bash her

  6. Snoopy

    She is going to be huge.

  7. Jessica

    While yes you can clearly see a baby bump you can also tell she is over indulging herself by the rolls she has on her sides. I never had those so early on. I got them in the last couple weeks once my baby dropped making my belly even heavier. But not months away from delivery. She needs to be careful or she’ll get huge!

  8. Anonymous

    I know people on this site hate Kim Kardashian but is it completely impossible for you all to be objective? She’s not skinny but pre-pregnancy, have you ever seen her in a bikini? Her stomach is completely flat and I guarantee she’s thinner than 90% of you (including me).

  9. Anonymous

    I bet she’s regretting those butt implants now. By the way things look, her bootie is gonna be huge!!!

  10. tricia

    haters get lost…at least her baby want be a serial killer..

  11. ms. heart

    she is going to be truck-sized like Jessica Simpson. not trying to be mean, just stating the obvious.

  12. Mommygirl

    Its not a matter of how big you get people its a matter of how healthy you and your baby is. I mean of course youre gonna gain weight hense the phrase “baby weight”. I gained an extra couple of pounds in the first couple of months but i ate right and worked out daily. I still got a little chunky. But who cares its her body. And if her doctor doesnt thinks it good im sure he or she whomever would say so. Unless you are her doctor i dont think you have any room to talk :) good luck kim.


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