Reese Witherspoon & Ava: Denim Duo

Lookalikes Reese Witherspoon and Daughter Ava Hit the Mall

Reese Witherspoon and Ava were seen arriving at the Century City Mall in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (February 2). Deacon, 9, and 4-month-old Tennessee weren’t with them.

The 13-year-old is looking a lot like mom. On this trip she wore jeans and similar colors to the Devil’s Knot actress.

Reese has a sense of humor regarding her youngest son’s name. During an appearance on Chelsea Handler’s show – the host recalled that she wanted Reese to tell her whether the baby on the way was a boy or a girl.

“Then, you had the baby and you named it Tennessee and I still couldn’t figure out if it was a boy or a girl,” she said.

“Or just a redneck,” Reese cracked.



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  • Ano

    Beautiful girl! I think she’s starting to look like her father.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, she is definitely starting to look more like Ryan! Gorgeous girl though!

  • Eliz

    She is gorgeous and looks like she’s gonna eclipse her mom soon. I don’t think there’s another mother/daughter duo who look more similar!

    • Elizabeth

      Cindy crawford and kaia

  • cyndy

    Jay Leno called and wants his chin back! Hint — the clenched jaw makes your chin look even bigger Reese. Good thing the kids seem to have dodged that bullet.

  • Hope

    @Eliz, Really?? I think that Ava looks A LOT like her father now that she’s getting older. I mean, yes, you can tell that she’s her mother’s daughter by no means, but she has a lot of her father’s features and not quite as many from her mom.

    • liz

      She’s the spitting image of her mom for the most part.

  • Missy

    I’ll never not be surprised when I see a new picture of Ava and realize how grown up she is! I remember seeing pictures of her as a baby with Reese on the Legally Blonde set.

    She’s turned into such a beautiful girl! Amazing hair!

    She’s the spitting image of Reese, but yes, I see some of Ryan in her. It’s the eyes and lips.

  • Anonymous

    She was once all Reese, but as she get older she is taking after her dad. I like Reese, but I have to say Ava is going to surpass her when it comes to looks.

  • Sandra

    I have always said that Ava looks like her Mom for years now. Well, looking at this pic today, I must say that her face is looking like her Dad’s face. I see Ryan’s eyes and her face looks like her Dad’s in this pic with Reese. I think because of the long blonde hair we have been seeing Reese all these years.

  • NYCMommy

    Why are so many comments about the daughter surpassing the mother’s beauty? is it a contest ? I just dont get it.

  • Henry

    She looks nothing like Reese. She’s just a mini Ryan with long hair.

  • Sophia

    I’ve always thought Ava looked a lot more like Ryan than she ever did Reese and I think these photos are testament to that… she’s the spitting image of her dad!

  • Peter

    Her first set of kids look nothing like her. They both look like Ryan. But I guess no one mentions that because he’s not as famous.

  • Anonymous

    I actually think she looks to much like Reese when her mom was around that age when Reese did the film “Man In The Moon” plus she is doing a facial expression that Reese did a lot in her movies! The only think I see of Ryan on Ava is her eyes!

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