Coleen Rooney: Bump In Barbados

Coleen Rooney Shows Off Her Huge Baby Bump

Coleen Rooney wore a striped bikini while spending time on the beach in Barbados with her 3-year-old son Kai on Tuesday (February 5). The pregnant footballer’s wife has been vacationing on the island with her parents Tony and Colette.

On that day her husband Wayne Rooney was preparing with his team’s match against Brazil in England. They’re expecting their second son in May.

Just a few weeks ago Coleen lost her 14-year-old sister Rosie – who died from Rett syndrome.

She said in a statement: “Rosie was just 14 years old. Throughout her life she brought so much love and happiness to all our family and everyone who knew and met her. She was a strong little girl and an inspiration to us all. We shall cherish forever the memories we have shared and the love she showed us every day of her life. As a family we are heartbroken, but we are blessed to have had her in our lives.”

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  • randie

    I thought this was a “celebrity” site but I’ve never heard of this person.

    • randie

      In anticipation of the smart a$$ comment about using Google — having to do that pretty much negates the so-called “celebrity” status.

  • Lizzie

    I looked her up and she is a popular English person. So I can assume you are not British.

    • casey

      So I’m a popular Canadian/Scottish/American/whatever person, yet I’m not on this site. She’s a popular what – singer, dancer, actress, reality star, model,…what?

  • hannah

    dear Randie,
    maybe if you just read something else than the articles on this site you would know that there are actually other countries besides the USA, and that sometimes, things happen elsewhere like politics, culture or maybe sports like … soccer; and that would be called being open minded and shall I say “world curious”.
    Just sayin’

    • randie

      Actually I’m quite familiar with celebrities from outside the US – I’m NOT American btw – Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta Jones, Naomi Watts, David Beckam — a very short list, but arguably, most readers of this site would recognize these names. Pretty funny how you think being the wife of a sports figure in the UK qualifies someone as a legitimate celeb in their own right. Yawn….

      • hannah

        please remind me why victoria beckham is famous in the first place (beside the spice girls)… maybe being married to a soccer player! and by the way all the celebrities you just named LIVE in the US! (or used to regarding the beckham family!)

  • Sophia

    Girl needs some sunblock for the sunburnt bump of hers! She looks amazing though.

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