Kim Kardashian’s Peek-A-Boo Bump

Kim Kardashian Shows Some Skin

A pregnant Kim Kardashian was photographed in a sheer blouse as she made her way to the Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday (February 7).

The expecting socialite – who will be welcoming her first child with boyfriend Kanye West in July – has recently appealed to the courts to either issue a trial date or grant her a divorce despite the ongoing financial dispute with her ex-husband Kris Humphries.

“I do not want to be married to [Humphries] when I have my baby,” Kim states in a declaration to the court. “Immediately upon it becoming known to the public that I was pregnant…I began to see articles in the media with quotes attributed to [Humphries] stating that now that I am pregnant he has ‘got all the power,’ ‘that he is in control of my misery’ and that he is not going ‘to allow’ me to be divorced by the time I have my baby.”

“I am requesting the status of my marriage be determined now for not only my health and welfare but also for the health and well-being of my unborn child,”she adds.

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  • Anonymous

    A picture of her walking, talking, eating, drinking UGH…..this crap will be until she gives birth.

    • Kate

      I wish it was just until she gives birth. Unfortunately it will probably continue long after the baby is born. We are doomed to have our eyes burned by the kartrashians indefinitely.

  • Mia

    Where are her feet?? She looks ridiculous.

  • anonymous2

    And yet, another ugly outfit.
    This woman has NO taste UGH…

  • Anonymous

    She has no taste with anything…men included.

  • Bink

    Someone should mention that it’s daytime.

  • Francine

    What in the hell is she wearing? That has to be the most ugliest outfit anyone could ever wear, especially someone pregnant. Why are her pants so long? Her shoes are stepping on her pants that are way too long on her. She has awful taste in clothes and super awful taste in men too! LOL!

  • anonymous27

    I wonder how much she paid for this very ugly outfit??? It’s hard to look at her wearing that.

    • anonymous

      That was a waste of money.

  • Veep

    The wide waist of the pants make them look like they belong on a clown and held up with suspenders.

  • A. Smyth

    Some women (ie. Bethenny Frankel, Courteney Cox) get a temporary inflated face during pregnancy and I think this same is happening to Kim. At first I thought I’d get sick of seeing pictures of her, but now I’m looking forward to see her monster face throughout her pregnancy!!

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