Emily Rose Talks Babymoon & Baby Boy On-The-Way

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Haven star Emily Rose is “really excited” to become a mom. The Brothers & Sisters alum and husband Dairek Morgan expect their first child – a boy – in late April. Last month, they announced their pregnancy news in a “fun” and unique online video.

The mom-to-be, 32, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her cravings for burgers and sushi, her hopes for a natural birth and plans to skip a maternity leave, their babymoon in Kauai and Valentine’s Day plans, and the “preggo podcasts” that are preparing her for motherhood.

CBS: Congratulations on your pregnancy! How are you feeling? Are you experiencing any nausea or other side effects? Maybe some weird cravings?

ER: “Thanks so much. I’m really excited. I’ve been feeling wonderful. I didn’t even realize I was pregnant originally because I wasn’t sick at all, I was just tired. I thought I was so exhausted because I had been filming…but surprise, I was pregnant!

I haven’t craved anything strange. I craved watermelon at first. Being in California, I crave In-N-Out (who doesn’t?), and sushi, and P.F. Chang’s, kale… none of these together [laughs].”

CBS: We loved your unique video pregnancy announcement! What inspired you to create the video?

ER: “I had a good friend who wrote a rap with her husband that they performed together and posted on Facebook to announce their pregnancy. It was so hilarious and very ‘them.’ They were a big inspiration, and for my announcement I wanted to do something that was ‘me.’

I love to edit stuff together and often celebrate special moments in my life by editing little 3 minute videos. So it felt like a trailer would be something fun that I could post and that would be ‘me’ at the same time.”

CBS: Are you excited about having a boy? When are you due? Do you have any names picked out?

ER: “Very excited to have a boy. I always wanted an older brother, so I always wanted to have a boy first. I am due at the end of April and yes we have a name, but I am going to wait to announce it when I see his little face.”

CBS: Will your pregnancy be written into the script of Haven?

ER: “I’m not sure what the writers will do this next season. The timing of my pregnancy and our shooting schedule couldn’t be more perfect actually. I will have the baby and then soon afterward leave with my family to go film in Nova Scotia for the next 5 months, so I won’t be pregnant while I film season 4.

Working and having a newborn is going to be tiring, but I am really excited to have the whole family together and experience motherhood on set.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan? Are you hoping for a natural birth? Scheduled C-section?

ER: “I am really really hoping to have a natural childbirth. Everything about the birthing process is incredibly miraculous to me. I grew up in a family that had all natural births, so the idea of doing it naturally isn’t as scary to me.

Obviously I have no idea what will happen and people have prepped me and my husband to be flexible and not get our hearts too set on one thing, but a natural childbirth is our aim and I am up for the challenge.”

CBS: How are you preparing for motherhood? Are you reading all the books? Are you taking any prenatal exercise classes?

ER: “I immediately started listening to a bunch of preggo podcasts on iTunes (I love pregtastic and preggie pals). I don’t really know any other preggos in my area, so this was a way I could process everything and learn in an engaging way.

My husband and I are taking birthing classes, and I am trying to exercise regularly, and yes, I’m reading here and there. But I’m mainly listening to podcasts, and doing a lot of internet research. And classes too, of course.”

CBS: How are you and your husband planning to spend Valentine’s Day?

ER: “Actually it’s a big season for our family. My sister is recently engaged, so we are going to her engagement party in Florida over Valentine’s Day and weekend. We recently really enjoyed a babymoon in Kauai too. We are both just so thankful to be able to have the time now to do these things.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

ER: “My sister’s wedding, the baby, and prepping for Haven are most of what’s on my mind right now. That really seems like a lot to process in the next few months!

I feel really blessed to be on such a great show with such supportive people. And also just so blessed to be home – on hiatus – with time to focus on experiencing this big chapter of motherhood with such great family and friends.”

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  1. klutzy_girl

    Aw, she’s sweet! Can’t wait until Haven’s back, although it’ll probably be forever until it returns.

  2. Julia

    She’s really great. Hopefully everything will go smoothly in her pregnancy.

  3. kesha

    Haven’s returning April 2013, I can’t wait!!! HUGE FAN of the show! and the season finale was awesome!


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