Tom Cruise Lawsuit: Publisher Demands Suri’s Mental State

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Things between Tom Cruise and Bauer Media are about to get ugly. Last Thursday court documents were filed regarding the $50 million defamation lawsuit against the publisher of Life & Style and In Touch magazines.

In October Cruise sued Bauer over stories that claimed he had abandoned Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes. Bauer responded in December and stated that their articles are “substantially true.”

Both sides now want a laundry list from each other. According to The Huffington Post – Bauer wants an accounting of Suri’s mental and emotional state following her parents’ separation and divorce; the actor’s work, travel and social schedule during the relevant time period; the extent to which Cruise was in contact, including his means of communication, with his daughter since he and Holmes separated; his history of separations from Suri since her birth; evidence of the role Scientology may have played regarding his visitation and communication with Suri; and Cruise’s litigation history.

Cruise’s lawyers are asking for a list of the stories Bauer’s publications have ever run on him, a rundown of Bauer’s policies and practices with regard to publishing stories about Cruise, Suri and Scientology; how the articles in question about Cruise came to be published, including the writing, fact-checking, verification and cover-approval processes; and the identities of those responsible for everything concerning the articles’ publication, from the reporting to the writing of headlines and photo captions.

On Feb. 28  there will be a scheduling conference to map out additional hearings.

Tom’s lawyer Bert Fields stated back in October, “Tom doesn’t go around suing people.  He’s not a litigious guy.  But when these sleaze peddlers try to make money with disgusting lies about his relationship with his child, you bet he’s going to sue. These serial defamers are foreign owned companies with their global headquarters in Hamburg.  They take money from unsuspecting Americans by selling their malicious garbage.  Having to pay a libel judgment may slow them down.”

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  • Jen

    Tom looks like he is asking for things pertinent to the actual lawsuit. The other side looks like the want a laundry list of things that they an then write articles about or sell. Never thought I’d say this, but… Team Tom!

  • Anonymous

    Could this Bauer be any more invasive into someone’s personal life? No kidding they should be sued for spreading malicious gossip! I’m not a Tom Cruise fan but invading someone’s personal business like this is just creepy and weird.

    • Zar55

      I agree, i dont like Tom either, but this is totally invading Suris privacy, they will destroy this girl with stupid things like that, so sad!
      This Bauer should be put in jail!!

    • lola

      Bravo!! Seems like you just realized what gossip magazines do. And guess what: People like that kind of stuff. That’s why there are so many of those magazines; because people buy them to read that kind of crap.

      • Zar55

        I know what are these magazines about but this story is invading little girls privacy, Tom is a big boy and he can handle whatever they write, but wanting to know about Suris mental state is just sick and wrong!!!

  • Dee

    These publications need to stop writing about the young children of these celebrities. They have no voice to say yes or no if these things are happening. Who is this Bauer Media person who can write whatever he please 5th amendment and all. Leave the children ALONE!!!!! Or be sued. Team Tom Cruise.

  • CanaanJ

    Tom IS litigious as is his cult.

    There IS something very amiss with Tom Cruise AND his beautiful, but creepy little girl.

    Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorantly blind, or a member of said cult.

    P.S. To all of you scientology robots who are always dispatched to swarm websites that post potentially damaging articles about your Cruise god, let me just say that there are countless people who feel the same way that I do so no matter how many fake identities you use to try to make it look as though the majority of people believe in and support Tom, the truth remains the truth. We see you lost, sad cult members. Oh, we see you.

    • Anonymous

      You just called a 5-year old “creepy”. Proud of yourself?

  • Shanice

    Why not just ignore it? Unless some truth may ring to it

    • LaKesha

      If a magazine published outlandish stories about your family, true or not, would you just ignore it?

  • Mary

    It is pretty sick that a magazine is requesting the private medical/mental records of a minor child to find out her mental state. This is pathetic and hope Tom goes after them with all his power. It is horrible to invade a child’s privacy as they do on a regular basis, but demanding this sort of information is sick. They can go after him since he is the one who is the celebrity and put himself in that position, but Suri is an innocent child and should be left alone, as all children should be.

  • Jeff “Louanne” Smado

    Hi’, I’m not a big fan of Scientology but I think these merchant of chaos media people just try to find any sort of false data to attack growing religions like Scientology.

  • Tiffany

    I am really tired of celebrities that complain about the media. They make millions of dollars and live lives that most of us can’t even imagine. Sorry folks, that’s the trade off. If you make millions of dollars because people love you and give you God status, we are going to take your picture and follow your every move. You can’t have it both ways. It’s unfortunate that their kids are dragged into the media circus, but that is the parent’s fault. Yes you, Tom Cruise. They know what celebrity means. Unfortunately, they might have to weigh the decision of having a child and putting them through this, unlike a regular Joe. If you are famous and want privacy, buy an island.

    Screw Team Tom, I’m on Team Suri. She is a beautiful, seemingly wonderful child. It really sucks for her. But again, don’t blame the media, blame her parents. Her parents are adults who know how the world works.

    I lol @ people who complain about how horrible children of celebrities have it…complain in the comment section of a CELEBRITY BABY WEBSITE! Supply and demand!

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