Prince Jackson On His Father: “He Raised Me Right”

La Toya & Prince Jackson Attend Jummimuus Charity Gala

Congratulations to Prince Jackson!

Michael Jackson‘s 16-year-old son has landed a job as a special correspondent on the entertainment news program ET, the CBS show announced Monday (February 18).

ET confirms that Prince will now be seen in front of cameras conducting interviews, his first one being with actors with James Franco, Zach Braff and Sam Raimi of the upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful.

When asked who he would like to interview next if he had his choice, Prince divulges, “Probably Peter Jackson because I love his movies. Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and King Kong. I just love the way he shoots [and how] he brings things and depicts it back to life.”

“I used to study his movies with my dad, put the volume off and just watch it, just the shots to see how he put it together,” he adds.

Speaking of Michael, Prince says he’d like to follow his famous father’s footsteps in show business.

“I’m looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor,” he tells the show.  “That was all thanks to my dad. He raised me right.”

And when it come to following your dreams, Prince got some sage advice from actor James Franco.

“I always tell people, just go out and try, and stop waiting around or dreaming it’s going to happen. Just go and start doing things on your own,” he tells Prince.

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  • Ashley

    What a polite, smart young man. Michael did a great job with him. Say what you will, but you cannot erase the 12 years he spent nurturing and raising that boy.

    • Ann

      Well said, I agree with you Ashley.

    • Cheritina

      I agree Ashley! Watched him as a corresponder on ET and he was amazing. Very talented and respectful young man.

      • Ashley

        Yes. Anyone who ever saw Michael with his children when they were young would say how smart and respectful the kids were. They were normal kids who had their spats with each other, but they were always reminded by Michael to mind their manners and clean up their messes.

        Prince talked a couple years ago on Good Morning America about wanting to direct and how Michael would bring staff from UCLA out to work with them and teach them about film making. I think Michael knew that his kids wanted to get into the business, and he was trying to prepare them.

        People say Michael would be rolling in his grave, and while I agree that he wouldn’t want people using his children simply because they are his, I do believe that he wanted them to follow their dreams.

  • Taniesha

    Totally agree!

  • dalia

    What a joke. This is so pathetic. This idiot hasn’t figured out he’s not a Jackson yet? He has the same eyes as his real father, Dr Klein. He also has the same chunky stocky body type as Arnie. He is only making a fool of himself by pretending to be something he is not.

    • Ashley

      Michael was his dad from day 1. Think what you will about his paternity, but Michael is the one that wanted to be a dad. Michael loved, nurtured and raised him. You cannot judge a child for the circumstances of his birth. He did not ask to be born. He has been a Jackson since birth and has every right to call himself Michael Jackson’s son.

      • Mimi

        Although I agree it is more than obvious that Arnold Klein is his bio dad, MJ raised him just as any adoptive parents do of the kids they welcome into their lives. Just because he provided the sperm, it doesn’t make him the “dad” in any true sense of the word other than simply biological.

        • Ashley

          It isn’t obvious to me. He looks like Michael and Debbie to me. Plus heghas vitiligo like Michael. It isn’t impossible. But I really don’t care. Michael was his dad. Biology doesn’t matter . Prince grew up loved and that means more than anything else.

  • anon

    The drugged up, wetting his bed, living in filth freak raised this? Or was he us trophy white playmate supplied by the DNA of his doctor and nurse. I think it’s the latter.

    • Ashley

      Does it give you some kind of happy to be this negative? All of this bed-wetting stuff is simply rumor. Murray was giving Propofol as a sleep aid, which he never should have done. An incontinence pad was used as well as a catheter, because under anesthetic like that, one has no control. Michael was not hooked up to this 24/7. His kids were with him, you were not. they would know more than us how he was, and they have said he was a NORMAL DAD. A good dad. Michael had sleep issues as well as some anxiety issues. If you had been through all he had, you might have been desperate for sleep, too.

      • anon

        He was disgusting and unkempt, the pictures of his room alone show he was living in filth. Nasty nail fungus, an all around slob. He was obviously too lazy to do anything for himself. Pathetic. A great father would not be so stupid and have a doctor give him anesthesia. A great father doesn’t buy other people’s children and try to pass them off as his bio kids.

        • Ashley

          I think the photos you are thinking of are the ones taken after Neverland was raided. The police ransacked the place

          As for anesthesia…it is well documented that Michael was a chronic insomniac. If you had been through what he had, you probably wouldn’t sleep well either.

          Anyway…most of what you say comes from tabloid gossip. Educate yourself before you speak.

          He didn’t buy anybody’s children. He did what thousands of childless people do today…he paid someone to carry his kids. Why is it ok for Elton John, Ricky Martin, etc. but not for him?

  • RafaelP

    Good for him. I wish him the best of luck. Perhaps, he could interview Joe Jackson and his shady French perfurmer Julian Rouas and ask them why on earth did try to benefit from Michael’s death with that sordid line of tribute fragrances. Read the court verdict and others shocking details regarding this venture…

  • Diva

    Its a shame that thesee kids have repeatedly made it clear who their FATHER is and through their words and actions what a truly amazing FATHER he was and the ignorant, rude, and disrespectful ppl of the internet and media are STILL pressed!!! Those kids arent and never will be so why are you seriously WHY!!! People dislike Micheal so much and never respected him as a human being that could father and raise such well adjusted, smart, take NO shit, sweet, NORMALl kids they cant stand it. They are butt hurt these kids are so so far from the messed up kids they wanted and anticipated they would be at ages 14 and 16 they just want to find any reason and excuses to be the ignorant asses even to innocent kids whos ONLY crime was being born to a famous parent. Its so so sicking the constant bicthing and moaning over everything these kids do or try to acheive in life simply cause you are didnt like their father and cant seperate the fact they are CHILDREN and havent done a damn thing to your ignorant asses!! You can repeat lies that even your famous KLEIN who has been more than proven to be a LIAR and UNTRUSTWORTHY till you you die and it STILL wont change the fact that at NO time has ANYONE EVER proved a shred of proof to backup any claims that these kids are anything but Micheal Jackson kids. All ignorant ppl have is repeating like a parrot the same crap over and over but u ask for PROOF and they cannot produce any actul CREDIABLE shred of PROOF that goes for KLEIN and anyone else. And to me thats being stupid and beyond ignorant following and beleiving someone without using common sense to say” hey this person hasnt bothered to once provide any proof so why am I repeating everything they say like its fact” Micheal was a human being made of flesh and blood just like his kids and they have feelings!! Its bullying what many are doing to these kids, they cant do it to Micheal anymore so now its open season on his kids and its sad, sicking, and pathetic they people who should be doing something else more productive with their lives sit and wait for the next article or youtube clip or pic to be posted of these kids so they can make some stupid ass rude ass comments. Prince has Vitialgo same as his father and same as his farthers grandfather and no matter how much you repeat ppls claims and lies it will NEVER EVER EVER change the genetic fact they ARE his kids and YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANY proof otherwise. There comes a time when ppl need to PUT UP or STFU!! This is way beyound differing of opinons its about showing disrepect to Debbie Rowe, Micheal Jackson and Paris, Prince and Blanket!!! You would NOT like it if someoene talked about YOUR children the way you do these kids and you would NOT like ppl calling you the parents liars about the patnerity of your children I KNOW you would feel it disrepectful and ignorant and thats EXACTLY what is that your constantlly are being to these kids!!! ThanKKK Goddddd those kids lives are NOT dependant on what your beleive or think about them or their patenity and it NEVER will!!! They will not stay up at night worried about the fact some ignorant strangers on the internet cant and wont accept they ARE bio biracial jacksons with a WHITE mother and BLACK father!!! But thats okay cause as you can your opinions dont and wont stop them from living their lives and being proud of who they are and will always be in EVER way including biologically Micheal Joseph Jacksons children!!!
    Anywayyyy…Very proud of you Prince!!!! Your FATHER would be so so proud of you!! NEVER let ignorant ppl stop your from going for your dreams!!! Your father wouldnt want you to let them win!!

  • keni

    Wow his kids have really grown up.good for them. Anyway as I decided to look at Michael doctors too see if they look alike. Hell no i am sorry prince is way to handsome to be klein kids. Seriously people need stop talking about prince color. Hello his mother is white. When a baby is mixed is all boils down to genes and which one is more dominat . Beside Michael father is half white. White , native American, black are in his blood lines
    Those kids have gone through hell, for the rest of lives. Michael past will always haunt them. Instead of hating pray for them

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