Ben Affleck’s Spelling Bee Sweetie

Violet Affleck gets her first Spelling Bee trophy!

With his hugely successful film Argo up for an Oscar tonight, how did Ben Affleck prepare for the big event? He spent the day at a local spelling bee with his 7-year-old daughter Violet.

The actor and director has been the talk of this year’s awards season, but it looks like he’s not the only member of the family bringing home some hardware. Violet was toting a trophy of her own as she left the competition with her dad in tow. Nice work!

Though Ben was overlooked in the Best Director category at the Academy Awards, Argo has been nominated for Best Picture. We’ll have to wait and see if Ben, who also has daughter Seraphina and son Samuel with his wife Jennifer Garner, will keep up the tradition of having his kids draw on his hands at tonight’s Oscars. It seems to have brought him lots of luck so far!

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News

  • Sam

    Did Violet win 1st place or is that a trophy everyone gets? Love her dress BTW.

    • Meliss

      She won! Jen confirmed on the red carpet. She said Ben had to take her because the spelling bee occured while her hair and makeup were being done for the Oscars.

      I love these kids. I love seeing little kids being goofy or silly or a little messy. It makes me feel like they’re actually happy and playing and being kids. Let them worry about their outer appearance later. There’s plenty of time for angst and self-loathing when you’re in high school. hahaha

      • jamie

        Just curious – who was interviewing her?

        • Meliss

          Ryan Seacrest. They aired it after the fact, though. Seems like red carpet on E! was shortened.

      • sam

        I love this family to! Violet must be very bright to have beaten all those kids. I wonder how many she competed with.

  • Anonymous

    This kid is the worst dressed kd in Hollywood. Dresses with sneakers, clothes that never match, sandals when it’s cold out etc…..

    • Anonymous 2

      That’s where you’re wrong – she’s not *IN* hollywood. Her parents are. She’s being a kid, they probably let her pick what she wants to wear, matching or not. Like any normal kid.

      • kelley j

        Thank you!!

        This person is either a very immature, mean-spirited adult or a kid who should be doing their homework – v.s. trolling the internet. Pathetic in either case!!

    • Lynn

      Common really – you hide behind “anonymous” and criticize a child’s clothing. I am the daughter of a pediatrician. One of the valuable things he taught me is that it is important to help children learn to make choices. I had one daughter who only wore dresses until 7 and another who wore backwards baseball caps and jeans. Both are grown now and bright, successful young women. To me, Violet seems like a happy, much loved child. That’s what counts – not whether her shoes match her dress.

    • morgane

      She’s a kid and is dressed as a kid. She looks adorable

    • Essa

      She isn’t “in Hollywood” her parents are. Violet, Seraphina, Samuel, and every other celebrity child in this world are innocent in the world of Hollywood and it isn’t their fault they got dragged into crazy paparazzi who want to take a photo of their every move and bystanders (like YOU) who make negative, hurtful comments toward them. I am 15-years-old and since I could talk my mom says I have been picking out my clothes. That’s probably 13-years. In that time I have experimented with many different styles and clothes, I have worn some great outfits and I have worn some bad outfits, but all that matters is that I was am being ME, I am HAPPY, and I am having a great time in life… which is how I can tell Violet is. The only difference is that I don’t have people like you criticizing me for no reason either. Do you have kids? Because I am pretty sure you have never criticized how they dress.

  • Mary

    So people complain when Skyler Berman is dressed in designer duds all day long and here is a 7 year old little girl dressing like any other little girl her age and she gets attacked for it. Crazy. She is fortunate to have parents who, despite their fame, keep their kids normal.

    • anon.

      I’m not familiar with Skyler Berman, but your comment iabout letting kids be kids is spot-on – Violet seems like a well-adjusted, happy kids. Bravo! Hopefully the other little girl turns out okay too.

  • Dela

    Awww so cute! Congrats Violet!

  • Anonymous

    Lynn – who cares who you’re the daughter of. Just because he’s a doctor, doesn’t mean he knows how a kid should dress. And just because her idiot mother lets her wear sandals when it’s cold out, doesn’t means that’s right either.

    • Ekaterina

      She lives in California you moron! It’s warm there year round. She’s appropriately dressed for her age and where she lives. Get over it Internet troll.

  • Taniesha

    The problem I have is with bullying and you know how cruel kids can be. Since she’s such an unfortunate looking kid and probably gets teased about her looks, you don’t want to give kids more ammunition with the way she dresses.

    • Dora

      In this case, Vi should cry loudly and beg for stylish cloth, right? I wonder why it didn’t seem to happen.

    • Anonymous 2

      Probably being bullied by people like you who believe clothing and looks are a valid basis for bullying. Kid have to learn such a behavior, to pick on someone based on how they look. Their parents, and people like you. Most children don’t think to look at another child and say that they’re ugly or their clothes don’t match without hearing it from their parents first. Let the kids be kids!

  • anon

    She dresses like her mom.

  • Anonymous

    You are SO WRONG. Kids bully other kids all the time and lots of them don’t learn it from parents. There was a bully on my block and her parents were the nicest, sweetest people. She was a bully when she was around her friends when it happened. So don’t start blaming the parents when kids start bullying. You must not read the news much.

    • Anonymous 2

      It may not always be the parents but the children are learning it somewhere, kids aren’t born that way. But the suggestion that because her parents have the means that the solution to stop her from being bullied would be to dress her in designer clothes is ridiculous. You must conform to fit in, so you aren’t picked on. So we should have a bunch of little designer robots walking around? Then these bullies will find other things to pick on. The best approach is to teach her to be comfortable with herself, and her choices, and not care about what others think. And I believe her parents are doing a good job of that, she seems pretty happy. And I watch the news plenty thank you very much :)

  • Jennifer

    I love how Violet dresses. It’s apparent she is just a normal 7 year old who picks out her own clothes and I always think she looks adorable and definetly appropriate! My 7 year old daughter dresses very similar to Violet…dresses w/sneakers…just her own style with a comfy edge. I like seeing this as compared to a “Hollywood kid” done up in the 9’s with designer clothes on. As I am sure Kanye and Kim’s daughter will be! I love the Affeck family…was very excited for Ben’s win at the Oscars last nite…

  • Elektra

    Violet seems so sweet and SMART! I would love to have a little girl just like her and she always seems beyond happy and adorable. BTW , Ben was indeed wearing good luck marking on his hand last night.

  • popsykl

    beautiful dress

  • Anonymous

    Smart? She goes to a special needs school.

    • Jennifer

      you are a rude piece of work.

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