Guess Who Revealed: Willa Lou Deary

Exclusive - Keri Russell's Husband, Shane Deary, Takes Thier Daughter Willa Deary Out

It’s our first glimpse of Willa Lou Deary!

The 1-year-old daughter of Keri Russell was photographed in New York City last week. In the arms of her daddy, Shane Deary, Willa was dressed in a puffy blue winter suit to stay warm in chilly NYC. 

“I like working hard, but my life outside of my career is equally important to me,” Keri recently said.

She added: “Maybe I’m not ambitious enough, but I’m just as interested in my friends and my relationship with my family.”

Married for six years, Keri and Shane are also parents to 5-year-old son River.

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  1. Tatiana

    Blanket Jackson

  2. Stefanie

    Sienna Millers son I think

  3. Anonymous

    How can it be Blanket Jacket when he’s 11?? DUH!

  4. Chane

    Althought I thought he has brighter hairs, maybe Hudson Stone?

  5. justme

    Lily Allen’s daughter?

  6. Fran

    It´s Rocky Prinze

  7. Porter

    Noah Green? How old is he again?

  8. arabella

    noah green is 4 guess is noah green

  9. eb

    Adele’s son “Angelo”?

  10. Eva

    you people think this kids is 4-6 months old? wow i thought he was like years old or older :O

    • Pippa

      He looks much older than he is because he has so much hair. Picture him bald, or with minimal hair and you have a 4-6 month old. Its also hard to tell the age because there is nothing to compare him too though – no adult next to him to see his size as compared to the adult
      He has the most hair i have seen on a baby in a while! Whoever his parents are, one of them is known for, or at least has a lot of, HAIR.

      • Eva

        that is very true .. that baby looks like a year one .. but could he younger … :) and yes alot of hair .. cant wait to see who this baby belongs to :)

      • Pippa

        I take that back, now that I look at the pic again, you can see the adult in the pic. It’s def a 4-6 month old. That is the size of a 4-6 month old baby, no question. It’s the hair that throws you off.

  11. Krista

    Keri Russel’s baby

  12. arabella

    Keri russel had a daughter who just turn 1.

  13. Anonymous

    My guess is Noah Green.

  14. AvaElizabeth

    Didn’t have an idea, but when I read the guesses here than I think it’s Hudson Stone.
    As far as I remember we didn’t see him before, we just saw him completly covered in a sling, etc..

  15. Solène

    It could be a girl! What about Olive Kopelman? I think the baby looks like Drew Barrymore.

  16. Ano

    I really don’t know, but maybe Rocky James Prinze? He does look a little like Charlotte Grace.

  17. Steph

    Does anyone else feel like this baby has Downs Syndrome?

  18. AvaElizabeth

    interesting how we see aproximate parents or siblings in a child *g*

    for me the baby looks a little bit like Colin Farrell, but I know, that his sons are elder.

  19. Laurie

    it’s definitely Willa Lou, Keri Russell’s daughter. She looks just like River, only darker hair!

  20. Anonymous2

    Adalaide Kelley? Katherine Heigl’s daughter?

  21. Emma

    The guy holding has a jawline that makes me think it could be Freddie Prinze jnr so maybe it is Rocky!

  22. Dalila

    maybe it’s hugh grant’s daughter Tabitha ;)

  23. Carli

    Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive ou Lily Allen’s daughter?

  24. Sophia

    Either Rocky Prinze, Noah Green or Exton Downey.

  25. Bink
  26. eb

    Will you post the answer already? It’s driving me nuts!

  27. Ano

    Please tell me who it is or I will not sleep to night!

  28. AvaElizabeth

    hi, 3 days now, did you forget to show the answer?

  29. Anonymous

    I can’t believe Keri Russell had a daughter who looks like….this.

  30. SMH

    Wow. Keri Russell has those beautiful curly locks and both her kids have poker straight hair!!
    I can’t believe this is Willa. River’s hair was so blonde!! But I can def see the resemblance now. She does look like a boy though…..probably the blue snow suit doesn’t help lol.

  31. AvaElizabeth

    really suprised! Thought about so much kids but never thought it’s willa!

    Congratulations on those who guessed right! really good!

  32. popsykl

    shane dreary is well spunky………hot!!!!!

  33. Tee

    And people like Pippa were spouting affirmatives, ha!
    Anyhu, she is funny looking. I thought she was a boy until now.


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