Guess Who Revealed: Locklyn Vaughn

It’s Locklyn Vaughn!

Couples Retreat star Vince Vaughn enjoyed some family time with his wife, Canadian native Kyla Weber, and their 2-year-old daughter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on Saturday (March 2). Is it wishful thinking, or do we spot a growing baby bump on the funnyman’s lovely wife?

Watch for Vince to light up the big screen this year in three films: The Delivery Man, The Internship, and Anchorman: The Legend Continues.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Noah

    What a cutie!

    I think it’s Vince Vaughn’s daughter Locklyn.

  • Anonymous

    No idea, but she’s adorable!

  • Veep

    Nicole Kidman’s spawn

  • Chane

    I also think that this could be Locklyn Vaughn. She looks a bit like him :)

    • F.A.J.

      Totally agree with you. I also think that she’s Vince Vaughn’s daughter!

  • Emma William

    I think she is amy Adams daughter

  • Sky

    Amy Adams little cutie

  • clair

    Locklyn Vaughn

  • Anonymous

    Did we ever get the answer to the last one? There was Keri Russell’s daughter and then there was another one wasn’t there?

  • arabella

    ^^^ it was caspian neve campell son-locklyn vaughn

  • SMH

    My guess is Locklyn as well. Vince showed a pic of her once on Ellen. She’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • v

    That is certainly not Amy Adams’ daughter. She’s a bit older than this tot and has long strawberry blonde hair and looks nothing like this little one. I also think it’s Locklyn.

  • Aoife

    Why they would put little Aviana on ”Guess Who?” if we see her all the time? It’s Vince Vaugh’s daughter

  • SMH

    jada clijsters/lynch

  • Anabelle

    It looks like Locklyn but Locklyn was only a “Guess Who?” a few months ago. Would they really do her again so soon? x

  • Anonymous

    Well it says her mom and dad originate from different countries. What country is Vince from?

    • liz

      Vince’s wife is Canadian.

  • Lizzie

    I was thinking maybe Jeremy Sisto’s child..??

  • Hannah.J

    This one is to easy it’s Kim Clijster’s daughter Jada (who could be her mothers twin).

  • Anonymous

    Oh ok so if she’s from Canada then it could be Locklyn. She looks like Vince.

  • Joyce

    It’s Avianna Olea, Amy Adams daughter.

  • Rosy

    What a cutie. And I would definitely say Vince’s wife is pregnant judging from all three of those photos of her.

  • Sophia

    Not to start rumours but that last photo definitely makes it seem like Baby #2 is on the way.

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