New York City’s Edgy Teen Pregnancy Campaign


HerScoopOur spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking: Are these new teen pregnancy PSAs effective or offensive?

Showcasing sad and distraught children that are living impoverished lives, the subway and bus shelter ads include warnings and statistics in an attempt to battle teen pregnancy rates.

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  • Holly

    I think they’re realistic, which is what today’s kids need. A dose of reality. Kids are not pets or dolls to dress up. They are work and should be respected, not as the product of something you see as fun.

  • Holly

    On a side note, I saw this today and thought it was both hilarious and scary. Everyone’s ok with being a bitch on the interwebs…

  • SMH

    So many people are offended by the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of racist. Did they really need to make 3 of the 4 children black?

    • noname

      Hi, LaKesha.

      • rowe_wc

        Hi Candy.

    • rowe_wc

      Thank you. White people just don’t get it. This is VERY offensive. Not all teen mothers are black. Did you notice that the white child’s situation has more positive connotations i.e. at least his father has a job to pay annual support…

    • Jesse

      LMAO! So true!

    • May

      Gee, not everything is racism. Perhaps they didn’t think it through, perhaps there were more black kids in that agency on that particular day, or maybe those kids were chosen at random. Chill.

    • No Name

      No it’s not racist. Stop pulling that card. Get over it

    • Amy

      1 white child
      1 black child
      2 mixed race children

      Where’s the racism? Oh, that’s right, a child that is mixed race automatically is black. Hello Halle Berry. Your “one drop theory” is old and false. Maybe you’re the racist. Get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever been to a Social Services office? MORE than 3 out of 4 people there are black. That’s not racism. That’s reality.

  • Holly

    I am willing to bet that the majority of teen mothers are black, Hispanic, or mixed race. White births in general are way down according to recent reports, so I’m not surprised they’re black. Get over it people, its REALITY.

  • Holly

    Thank you, Belle. That is the exact study I remember reading about. It’s pretty clear what is going on. When I go to Target and see throngs of Hispanic families with 3 and four kids in toll, it is not a racist viewpoint, it is fact. It’s the white girls who have one, maybe two kids with them. As a white woman, I am basically a minority in Chicago. It’s pretty evenly split in thirds with whites, blacks, and Hispanics, though Hispanics are going to quickly outpace the others in terms of birth rates and hence, population growth. And, it’s also interesting to note that a lot of The food is WIC approved, I’m not sure how else these families are buying cart loads of food, when I get 10 items and its over $100. The more births and children that people can’t afford = more people on the government’s dime, which basically means more money out of you, the working publics pocket. Reducing teen birth rates and birth rates in general, for those who cannot afford it benefits everyone.

    • SiervaMaria

      Will people PLEASE stop opting out AFRO LATINO’S as if we aren’t also Latina too even if we don’t look like Jennifer and Eva! I’m fed up with the media, companies, American society in general deciding who is and isn’t Hispanic based on one thing; skin when it is the language and culture that makes us just as Latino as the rest!

  • smh

    Sorry but only one of those babies is black. The other 2 are clearly biracial.

    • SiervaMaria

      Snap out of it! How damn dare you?! You must be white because only someone who will never have to utter the label “biracial” would say something so damn ignorant and stupid!

  • popsykl

    all the children have curls!!!!!!! feel sorry for the straight haired kids…or do all new york babies have curls? if so i am totally getting pregnant in new york next time :)

  • SiervaMaria

    I find it amazing that three of the kids are of color and yet there is an American reality television show about “white” teens who seem to stay pregnant and get paid for it to boot. The double standards never end do they.

  • jacquie109

    How did a poster about teen parenthood turn into a race debate? Regardless of the childs race, babies are still having babies and while that poster was not just thrown together because we know it was well thought out, have you ever thought about the majority race in the area where this is displayed? Posters are made to make conections, so someone from back water texas complaining about a poster being displayed in New York about 1 white kid 2 mixed race kids and a black child and calling it racist is just ignorant. Quit looking for a reason to scream race and be a damned grown up.

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