Kim Kardashian: Glowing & Growing

Kim Kardashian arrives for work at Jenner Production' s

Baby bump watch!

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian looked lovely in a white skirt that hugged her pregnancy curves. Paired with a pale pink blouse, the reality star bumped it up at the ‘Jenner Productions’ office for a day of filming in Woodland Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (March 12).

Later that same day, the expectant mama had a wardrobe change and headed to a doctor’s appointment.

On Monday, the brunette beauty was seen fuelling up her vehicle at a gas station in Canoga Park.

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking if Kim overdoing it during her first pregnancy.

Often seen working out at the Tracy Anderson studio in Los Angeles, and jet-setting across the globe with her rapper beau Kanye West, some say the reality star needs to change her fast paced lifestyle.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI/FameFlynet

  • M

    That’s ridiculous to wear those heels when you’re pregnant!

  • Elizabeth

    That outfit is not cute or flattering. She really should stop letting Kanye dress her in the morning……….

  • lauren

    She looks beautiful.

  • Essa

    I like Kim Kardashian, and see nothing wrong with her, I think she is beautiful, and quite the businesswoman, but WHY is she wearning clothes that just make her look fat, not pregnant?! Her style lately has just not been looking good on her.

  • mama p

    Yes! Now that is a great outfit. Looking great Kim. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

  • Jessica

    That color combination look gorgeous with her complexion.

  • lobogrrl

    In before the hate!

  • Faith

    Please Kim Wear Some Maternity Clothes!!!!

  • Jessica

    Better outfit than the one where she was pumping gas. She’s just getting sioooo big so fast! I hope she is careful, gestational diabetes is in her near future if she doesn’t get some kind if control, it’s only gunna get worse that last month before baby.

  • Sam

    her ass and bump are the same size so she sticks out the same amount in both directions.

  • anonymous

    Come on Kim, you’re pregnant! Embrace it and stop dressing like you used to and go buy maternity clothes!

  • Zar55

    she never heard about MATERNITY clothes!

  • Anonymous

    No talent classless pig.

  • sheida

    i’m sick of seeing her pics here. CBS please no more kardashians.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they would all go away.

  • Jenn

    Well, it’s not as bad as her other outfits lately…though that’s really not saying much!

  • Anon

    It’s funny to see all of the mean comments on here about Kim. Yes, we get it. You don’t like her blah blah blah. If you people don’t like her, then why waste your time commenting? Just keep scrolling. All those mean comments just sound like immature teenagers. Grow up.

  • cb

    wow – she should really go on into maternity wear. then she would look pregnant, with these tight, fitted, tucked in clothes, she looks plain fat.

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