Get the Look: 7 A.M. Enfant

Camila Avles Takes Her Kids For A Stroll

Levi wears a 7 A.M. Enfant Chapka 500 Hat – $30

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  • Anonymous

    It looks like Levi still isn’t growing. A soon to be 5 year old is the size of his 3 year old sister. I’m surprised he’s so tiny since his parents are quite tall.

  • Ann

    Oh no!!!!! Let’s call police, FBA and CIA!!! Seriously? Give us a break.
    Every time the same comment. So he’s not growing, so what? He will be tiny forever. I have seen pictures on the other site where you can see he is actually shorter than his 3-months-old brother Livingston!

    Seriously he is average height for his age and on every single picture he is obviously taller than Vida. I know I haven’t stopped you. The next article about Alves-Mcconaughey family will get your comment “Levi is tiny” below.

  • Anon

    Uh Ann. Seriously. Relax.

  • Ann

    Anon, I did when I finished writing my comment.
    It’s just… the kid is almost 5 years old and for at least last three years I read the same comment-Levi is tiny.

  • Anonymous

    Ann, wow what crawled up your stink hole? How do you know Levi is average height? Are you the family physician?

  • Ann

    How do you know Levi is not growing? Are you the family physician?

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