Christina Aguilera’s Weight Loss Secret Revealed


From our friends at Hollyscoop!

The “Your Body” singer hit up the red carpet of “The Voice” Season 4 premiere on Wednesday night with her new, slimmer body. It wasn’t long before headlines like “Christina Aguilera Debuts Slimmer Figure” swept across the Internet.

A source close to the singer tells Hollyscoop that Christina “was very excited to show everyone her new look and is very excited about her slimmer figure.”

Continue reading at Hollyscoop to find out how Christina lost the weight.

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  • Dee

    It looks strange how far apart she is standing.

  • Ano

    I don’t think she has lost a lot of weight, but she looks much better in this dress. The purple dress was awful!

  • Laughing

    I thought she liked being fat? I remember her saying she was very confident in her body and felt sexier then ever! Obviously she was just saying that because she was ashamed and was trying to make people believe her gluttony was intentional! She is so hideous. Voice, hair, face, body. Everything about her is just ugh. So glad her time in the limelight is up, nobody cares about x-stinka anymore.

    • Anonymous

      You can criticize any aspect of her life (if that makes you happy), but this woman can sing. You cannot dispute that.

    • Echaka

      she still has curves… she probably just wanted to be healthy.

  • Mia

    I thought she liked her “curves”.

    • chaka

      um she still has curves… -___-

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