Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Family Shower


Tori Spelling shared with her Twitter followers over the weekend that she, her husband Dean McDermott and their four children took a shower together.

The 39-year-old actress tweeted, “@Deanracer & I just had our 1st family shower w/all 4 babes. Went really well & saved on individual bath time! & only 1 babe pooped N shower.”

Some of Tori’s fans had something to say – thinking the family shower was “weird.”

Dean responded by tweeting, “family is the main thing in life that matters” adding they should enjoy “these family moments B4 kids get 2 old.”

The couple have four children – Liam, 6, Stella, 4, Hattie, 17-months and seven-month-old Finn.

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  • Kota Girl

    Never have i in my whole entire life heard of a family taking a shower together! Ew wtf?!? I’ve never even seen my father naked before and never want to!!! And why would she feel the need to tweet that? Disturbing.

  • TiffanyMW

    Okay, this is just creepy! A 6 and almost 5 year old does not need to be showering with their *naked* parents! I mean come on, it’s so not appropriate for their daughter, who is almost 5, to see her father naked. I would be horrified and scarred for life.

  • Marie

    That was way too much information. But im confused, weren’t they separating? Or did i dream that?

  • BuckyBoyd

    Their children are going to need therapy. Their two oldest children are way too old for this, especially their poor daughter having to see her fathers penis! Talk about taking away a child’s innocence far too soon.

  • xoJerseyGirlxo

    This is disturbing. But am i the only one wondering how the hell they managed to fit 6 people, including 2 adults, in a shower at the same time??? How is that even comfortable? I feel like i’d get more dirty by rubbing against 5 other bodies (and being pooped on) than actually getting clean.

  • Jessica

    Honestly… if Stella showered with just Tori in my opinion thats fine. I shower with my 4 year old on occasion. Or if Liam showered with Dean okay fine. BUT, I draw the line at showering with the opposite gendered parent after like… age 2.
    I just find it innapropriate.

  • Anonymous

    After the age of 1 I think its weird to shower with your child maybe 2 if you want to push it. I personally only would do it out of necessity. I appreciate the time to myself, and don’t think the more the merrier in this situation!

  • Chelsea

    That’s weird for a kid to shower w/ their parents at that age. I used to walk into the shower when I was 2 b/c I liked taking showers lol. But my dad became so paranoid he wore his bathing trunks, even when I was only 2, and I’m glad he did b/c I have that memory and I don’t want the memory of seeing him naked. Don’t know why she felt the need to share.

  • Tracy


  • Gretchen

    I used to take showers with my parents. I was about 5 or 6 when I stopped, that’s when I started asking too many questions! I’m not scarred in the least!

  • amanda

    im just saying..he might have an asian fetish…with all her facial work done, shes more vietnamese looking than american. Is that bad? no.

  • HW

    Tori has no sense. She needs to take parenting classes, along with her husband.

  • Ano

    I don’t hope it was Dean who pooped!

  • cara

    Why would seeing her father’s penis scar her for life? She would only feel uncomfortable if her parents told her it was something embarrassing. In fact, she might actually be more innocent than a child taught that (non-sexual) nudity is not normal, unnatural, and something to be ashamed about.

    From a European perspective, it seems sad that parents would get so paranoid about being naked around their 2-year-old they’d start wearing trunks in the shower. But then again it’s a cultural difference, I guess.

    Having said that, I don’t really understand why you’d need to shower with your entire family at once, but each to their own. Plus, Tori does tend to tweet somewhat odd things. Probably just to stay relevant 😉

    • christine

      Phew — what a relief to read a more reasonable comment after reading down the thread and seeing so many readers horrified that a kid would see their parent in the shower. I’m an American myself, and to be honest I’m probably a little more conservative than the average American when it comes to showing off my naked body, but I definitely believe that there is nothing wrong with kids seeing their parents naked, regardless of sex. Haven’t you ever taken your kids to a swimming pool locker room? There are naked people all over, of all ages, shapes and sizes! If I take my four year old son in to the pool locker room to shower before his swim lesson, am I supposed to put a blindfold on him so that he doesn’t see the old women who are changing and showering next to him???

      Really, people — nudity will become a problem if you teach your kids that there is something dirty or wrong about it. If it’s a pedophile in the park exposing himself to young kids, that’s a whole different story, but if you think that sexual abuse is similar to a kid seeing a parent get dressed or shower then I will be worried about your children’s future need for therapy…

  • KitKat

    Come one knows what that really looked like…maybe all 4 kids were in the tub and they just gave them a bath…maybe Tori and Dean wore bathing suits…maybe they were all in a forrest :)) I know she is putting it out there for us to comment, but honestly if it works for them, who are we to judge…

    • NYCMommy

      KitKat- I totally agree. I was thinking along the same lines as you

  • anne

    It’ one thing to share this with the world. But honsestly I don’t see what’s wrong with that!

    I don’t get it: When Perez Hilton said the other day sth about Wiz Kalifa smoking weed near the baby most of the commens did’t see sth wrong with it. But when a family showers together naked (omg) – which is a natural thing – than that’s that big a deal? And really: not seeing the other gender parent naked after the age of 2 is just ridiculous!! I’m talking about a normal amount of being naked in the bathroom or in the fitting room of a public swimming pool or sth like that.

  • Lily-of-the-Valley

    Please, you Americans are so out of touch with what’s natural and what’s not. I’m from a country where it’s not unusual for families to go to sauna together – and get this: ALL ARE NAKED. There is absolutely nothing sexual or weird about that and it definitely leaves no scars. Of course this stops at some point, naturally around puberty. Stop being so afraid of nudity! Bathing suit to a shower so your 2-year-old doesn’t see your bits? That tells me nudity for you is purely sexual and that, if anything, is weird and wrong.
    Ask anyone in Finland.
    Hats off to Tori and Dean. They seem like a great family (though even I’m sometimes puzzled by her tweets…).

    • Anna

      I couldn’t agree with you more (but I’m from Sweden so I suppose it’s just our little corner of the world). Taking a shower with a parent doesn’t traumatise kids, but this over-sexualisation of everything and anything does!

      I have a 4 year old son and I take him to swim lessons every week. He sees me and probably 10 other naked women in the changing room and sauna every time we’re there! There is absolutly nothing sexual about it, we’re nude, that’s all. I’m actually glad he will know what a really woman looks like once he starts to care, rather then believing they look like something from a porno…

      • christine

        Oh, I just posted a similar comment about swimming pool locker rooms before I noticed that you already had! :) Pools in the US are similar to those in Sweden, in this regard, and despite all the crazy comments above, I really do think that most Americans have a relatively healthy attitude towards kids and nudity.

        Totally agree with your statement about how it’s healthy for our sons to know what real women look like, too!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not natural for a 5 year old girl to see her father’s penis. This has nothing to do with Americans, it’s totally inappropriate. Lily – go back to the Valley and grow some common sense, class, morals, dignity etc.

    • Anna

      I think you’re wrong, I do actually think it has to do with “morals” commonly associated with Americans. I don’t know where other posters are from, but Lily is from Finland, I’m from Sweden and you know what? In this part of the world normal people can be naked sometimes without having sexual intentions behind it. A naked body is a naked body, it isn’t sex! Perhaps it’s only Scandinavians who can be both naked and still have common sense, though?

      What exactly is it that you think will happen if a small child sees his och her parent naked?

      • anne

        U can add germans too! So I guess we can sum it up to Europe.
        @Anonymous: I’d rather say your last-century-attitude is what’s inappropriate here. Do you also think the peoples in South-America or Africa are not normal? Some of them wear no or really few clothing. How dare they….

        • Anonymous

          Oh yes lets all evolve like the Germans! Just a few decades ago you;d have killed this whole family for having Jewish blood. Don’t tell us what’s wrong with our views.

          • christine

            Wow, way to reduce all of German culture to an event that happened 70 years ago, which essentially all Germans today condemn.

            You make me embarrassed to be an American. I guess the only consolation is that you’re likely someone with low education, living in a small town middle American town and very unlikely to travel to other parts of the world representing our country. If it makes you feel powerful to spew out hateful comments on a website like this, go for it.

        • christine

          Just so I don’t accidentally anger anyone, I want to say that my comment below (embarrassed to be an american, etc) was in response to an offensive comment that thankfully was removed, and not in reply to Anne!


      • anonymous

        I don’t think anyone said that they have sexual intentions. It is just tacky. If a stranger exposed their naked body to your child, would you be upset. I would hope so.

      • anonymous

        I missed the part where anyone said it was sex? In our part of the world normal people can have cooth. Just because it isn’t sex, doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, it’s only Europe that can be both nude and smart. Sweden has a very high level of rape. You sound like a pedophile.

    • anonymous

      Agreed. It is scary how many grown people are comfortable looking at their parents genitals. Not me. Some things just don’t need to be seen.

    • V

      Telling someone to “grow some sense, class, morals, dignity, etc” is ignorant and only shows that you lack many of those qualities yourself. It isn’t classy or dignified to be rude to someone because they have a different viewpoint than you do. There is nothing immoral about the human body, it is your own perversions that see it as anything but natural. And it is very much an American hang up. Europeans, Asians, Africans… they’ve all got a much more healthy view on nudity than most of us Americans do. It is natural and teaching children that it isn’t is far more traumatizing than seeing your mom and dad in the shower.

  • Iman

    Americans are so body shy, its crazy how many comments think this is weird or creepy. I think its weird and creepy how few real bodies people nowadays see instead they only see model bodies instead of normal ones. Its healthy to know what a naked body should look like.

  • Heather

    Okay, that is just so gross and why in the world would anyone ever mention that about their family? It’s not that she cannot afford the water bill okay? LOL! Seriously, that is just not good and it’s like saying our 13 year old daughter sleeps in bed with her Dad or our 13 year old son sleeps in bed with his Mom. Just her saying that knows that it is going to cause so much talk about it. Gross! Oh one more thing, how could two fugly people like this make such cute children is beyond me!

    • mag

      my almost 12 year old son loves snuggling with us in bed. tv watching, reading etc and when we go to grandparent’s then we have no other option but to share a bed. and it is normal because that is life.

  • Anonymous

    It’s normal to know what naked bodies look like when you’re at an appropriate age. All you Europeans, do us all a favor and stay the hell where you are. That’s why the molestation rate and rape is at all all time high over there.

    • whatever

      Well here’s one well educated statement…

  • Zcvbnmasfghjklqwertyuiop

    Who cares what people from Finland and Sweden say or think. Like your opinion means anything. Lol. You people are from the loser part of the world.

  • anonymous

    I think it is inappropriate for a 5 and 6 year to shower with parents of the opposite sex. At Stella’s height, her father’s pecker was probably right in her face. That is just gross! Tori loves to tweet these ridiculous stories to get attention! How about a little discretion? And as far as you Nordic commentators, who are you to judge about American morals and values. You are from Socialist countries! It is commonly known here that the rate of alcoholism and depression are higher in your countries per capita because of the lack of sun light for what 18/19 hours a day during the long winter months! Maybe you shower together because you are stuck inside for endless hours and water costs ALOT of money in your countries. Different circumstances here in America!

    • D

      Stupid much?

  • Anonymous

    Sweden – LOL. This country is considered the “rape capital” of the world. Read the article below:

    Now, Anna go tell your daughter to walk naked to the bar up the block and talk to the nice old men there. After all, it’s “OKAY”.

    • NYCMommy

      Pretty sure you did not fully read the article otherwise you would know if is based on each countries definition of rape and basically says that something considered rape in Sweden is not considered rape in India. Probably a good idea read whole article you link before you disrespect someone else’s country.

  • Anonymous

    Tori only twitted that they shower together for attention, like most everything eles she dose.

  • Emily

    I don’t think it’s a big deal. At least they aren’t teaching their children that their bodies are something to be ashamed of.

  • Denym

    where’s the news for Veronica De La Cruz’s birth announcement? I swear you guys post about the same families over and over again…

    • Veep

      Right. I barely saw one post on here about that little girl who was nominated for an Oscar. It’s like the site stalks a set group of celebs instead of just posting the news as it comes out.

  • em

    Just wish they would keep this information to themselves haha. But honestly, my parents stuck me in the shower with them until I was 3 and I am slightly disturbed because I remembered everything. I also have a 6 year old nephew that bathes with his Mom and cant stop talking about boobs and butts, even in public. So I think if you already have perverted kids…like Liam knowing what sex is etc…that showering with him doesnt help. Stop at a young age or dont do this at all. I just prefer bathing my kids alone I want them to stay innocent for as long as possible theres no need to be seeing adults naked. But to each their own.

    • mag

      i bet he knows sex and other subjects because of tv and magazines not because seeing his parents naked or bathing with them.

      • em

        Tori has said before she has sex with Dean while the kids slept in her room. Its not a hidden fact that shes tweeted Liam saying he knows they have sex yadda yadda. Just sayin showing him grownup parts only adds to that curiosity and can lead to pervertism. Like the creepy neighbor boy that I keep my Son away from…always asks my Son if he knows what sex is and shows him his penis. Not normal and not OK to I picture his parents being pervs like Tori and Dean. Keep your genitals and your sex life away from kids…let kids be kids! They grow up fast enough as it is.

    • mag

      and all six year old boys find boobs and butts and poop funny, that also has nothing to do with seeing parents naked

  • Anonymous

    NYC IDIOT MOMMY – she disrespected Americans so I disrespected her country. Why don’t YOU read ALL the posts before you open up your idiot mouth???

    • NYCMommy

      Anonymous- why call someone an idiot??? I did not call anyone an idiot. Your comment was so rude and FYI, I dont open my mouth when I type.. who does???? I did read all the posts and yes some people did call us Americans uptight and overly body conscious but NO ONE called America the RAPE capital of the world to me it is offensive to not only do that to Sweden espeically since that was not point of linked article at all.

  • anonymous

    This moronic woman will say anything to get attention! Tori and Dean lacks class, dignity, intelligence and discretion!

  • Veep

    Never have seen my dad naked. Thank goodness for that! Logistically, how does everyone get in the shower at once? How to clean yourself when you are holding a baby and trying to keep them from getting a face full of water. Seems dangerous too. Baby could be dropped, children playing around and someone slips. It just seems so cukoo. If you want to play together in the water, get to the pool, jacuzzi, water slide, etc. Showers are a utilitarian thing. Get the kids clean and get out of there.

  • SMH

    Well personally, I don’t feel after the age of 3 that any opposite gender child should have to see their parent naked.
    Maybe I see it differently only bc I was a child who was sexually molested by a parent. And most parents who get naked in front of their children have no ill intent but kids are only kids for so long. Why do we have to put them in positions to ask so many questions about a grown up’s body. I don’t know. It’s mostly innocent but I personally wouldn’t want my 5 yr old daughter to see her father’s naked body.

  • mag

    seems as if here is only problem girl seeing dad, not boys seeing mom naked. lol. how about boys seeing dad naked?
    but i am from europe also and we go to sauna all summer long. should i have let my 3 year old son go alone there? his dad is away during summer time and i was only parent around. i hope that now he has healthy idea of how real women look.
    but i agree that it was too much information to share by tori

  • Anon

    When my children were little, taking a bath or shower alone was often my only quiet private time in the day. Darn if I was going to give it up.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like there are quite a lot of European child molesters who post here. It has nothing to do with body image. A grown man or woman should not be nude in front of children. It’s called boundaries.

    I swear any time something inappropriate happens, there is someone from Europe who has to come educate us on why we Americans are wrong to think it’s immoral. I’m personally glad to live in a place where people can see a problem with this. There is nothing “natural” about it.

    • Anonymous

      I know! Are we shocked that Roman Polanski ran back to Europe and they’ve agreed to hide him all these years? There is something very wrong with naked children being around adults, but I guess certain countries don’t see it that way.

      Maybe they’ll take Jerry Sandusky off our hands too?

    • Dana

      Oh please. And stop replying to your own comments. It’s pretty transparent.

      • christine

        Nice catch on that one, Dana. You’re right.

        I think most of the crazy anti-European, anti-nudity comments on this thread are from two or three readers, which actually makes me feel better.

  • anonymous

    Ewww! The thought of that cute little girl, Stella, with her father’s pecker at her eye level is enough to give me nightmares, let alone her!! Poor child! These people are whacked!

  • popsykl

    we wouldn’t do it…but its only a shower, not a biggy

  • Jen

    Oh that’s just gross. Not the shower thing just the baby poop thing. So gross. Way too tmi.

  • Dana

    It’s sad how twisted many americans are about the human body. Is okay for your kids to watch sexualized images in movies and tv but god forbid they see their parents naked! (Clutches pearls)

  • Eliza

    Can’t believe all the judgemental comments on here! I showered with my dad when i was little and there’s nothing wrong with me! I was always around neighbours kids who had little boys and we would run around naked etc. I think that if I hadn’t of experienced all that then I wouldn’t have been as well adjusted. I nanny for 3 girls who don’t even know what a penis is and i think thats really sad! Parents are so weird these days!

    • Veep

      How do you know, Eliza, that your charges don’t know what a penis is??? How does this even come up in a conversation?

  • Gemi

    Eh, not a big deal.

    Not everyone is super prudish about nudity. A child seeing her father’s penis is not going to “take away her innocents”.

    I find it odd, but whatever. Don’t know why she had to share though…

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