Shauna Sand & Isabella: Shopping In Beverly Hills

Shauna Sand spends some time with her Daughter in Beverly Hills

Former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand and her daughter Isabella, 11, had some one-one-one time in Beverly Hills on Friday (March 29).

Shauna kept it simple with a vintage raglan t-shirt, black leggings, and high gold platforms. Her daughter looked cute in a grey graphic t-shirt, studded army boots, and her hair in a bun.

Shauna’s stepdaughter Shayne Lamas, told Celebrity Baby Scoop that Shauna’s wardrobe choices leave her daughters embarrassed. “She is their mother and they love their mother, but they look at her like, ‘Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? You are not taking me to school in that!’ ”

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Photo credit: AKM/GSI

  • missme?

    I bet her daughter made her put some clothes on…. this time.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. I’m sure her 11-year old determines what clothing she wears.


      • missme?

        My 11 year old does! Ms. Eyeroll, have you seen what SS wears (or not wears) in her girls’ presence sometimes. she is basically nude. think again, my daughter 7-year old would not walk out with me looking like a walking peepshow.

  • Louise

    How fake can you look? Her boobs, chin, nose, lips are perfect copies of a barbie doll…

  • jo

    Trout pout, giant boobs, fake nails, etc. Do men really go for that? Or does she think it looks nice? Sad either way. Her daughter is far more attractive.

  • Anonymous

    She looks ridiculous in those shoes with half her toes hanging off the edges.

  • Adrienne

    Wth happened to her face. I guess being loose catches up with ya….


  • Tay

    Sure she sucks at dressing herself and looks like a plastic barbie BUT she could be an awesome mom for all we know!

    • Jen

      Yeah, she could be a good mom in other ways, that’s possible, but she isn’t teaching her daughters the right way to have a healthy self image and attract men, by all the slutty clothes she wears and the plastic surgery she’s had. I think that’s an unhealthy and sad role model for those girls to grow up with.

    • Anonymous

      (Sure she sucks at dressing herself and looks like a plastic barbie BUT she could be an awesome mom for all we know!)

      Before or after she slept with her step son when she was still married to his father who happend to be the father of her daughters.

  • Bria

    I think this is the first picture I have ever seen Shauna fully dressed. She should dress like this more often minus the heels.

  • Shirley

    Why doesn’t she get toe implants to shorten those ugly octopus toes of hers?? Or at least buy some shoes that can contain those toe tentacles! Creepy!

  • Sophia

    By far the most respectable I’ve ever seen this woman look. I’m still in shock that I can’t see her whole midriff! Baby steps…

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