Kourtney Kardashian’s Easter Sunday Celebrations

The Kardashians starts off Easter at Church - Part 2

The family that prays together, stays together.

Reality TV mama Kourtney Kardashian went to mass with her two children – son Mason, 3, and daughter Penelope, 8 months – on Sunday (March 31) in Agoura Hills, Calif. Joined by her mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kylie and Kendall, the mom-of-two dressed in all ivory, matching her little ones, as they attended Easter Sunday church services.

While the group were joined by Kris’ hubby Bruce Jenner, noticeably absent was Kourt’s longtime love, bad boy Scott Disick.

Scott found himself the target of outraged fans after criticizing Kourtney’s post-baby body on the latest episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.

“If I would have fell in love with you a couple of pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight, but I fell in love with you when you were super skinny,” he said.

Scott went on to share his opinion in the latest episode of his wife’s popular reality show.

“I wanted to ask you your thoughts on me being a surogate for Khloe. How would that make you feel?” Kourtney asked Scott.

“You’re telling me you want to get pregnant, carry a child and give it to Khloe?” he asked.

“It would be her child with Lamar,” Kourtney explained, to which he replied, “That’s weird. Why wouldn’t you adopt a kid in need?”

Kourtney went on to say that Khloe and Lamar most likely want a “blood child.”

“You don’t just go putting babies in other sisters because you can …. This is not a normal conversation to come home with! It’s too much for me,” Scott fired back. “This is freaking me out!”

“Nothing is happening,” Kourtney reassured him. “I was just having a conversation.”

But it sounds like Khloe is not into the idea: “You would push my baby out of your vag[ina]?! … Ewww,” Khloe said.

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  • Anonymous

    Two of the weirdest looking kids on this site. Mason looks like a girl and Penelope looks like an old man. They don’t have young baby faces at all.

  • Annie

    Such appropriate church outfits! Not at all sheer, sleeveless or attention grabbing. Once again, the Kardashians show us what demure and classy mean.

  • SMH

    This is the first time that I actually think Penelope looks cute and like a girl. Maybe she’s slowly coming into her own now.

    • Francesca

      I think she’s definitely growing into her looks. She’s a cute baby to me.

    • popsykl

      yes photo 3 is adorable…..:)

    • ms. heart

      um.. no. she looks human, that’s about, as in old-man-human. sorry, not cute… at all

  • Lya

    You can tell that Kris has the same stylist has Kim. She is wearing one of those ugly dress. belted under the breast and extra large around the ass. I guess bad taste runs in the family.

    • laura

      The problem about Kris is that she’s not at all age appropriate!! Gosh, the woman is an almost 60 year old grandma of two, why does she keep dressing like she’s desperate to be young?
      I bet she wishes she was one like her daughters, all together as friends.. But the problem is that she’s the mum, she’s old..

  • Tanisha

    I’m surprised Jesus didn’t fall off the cross when they entered the church.

    • popsykl

      jesus is not that judgemental……i am sure he was happy they came

  • Jessica

    Penelope is definitely growing out of her not so cute looking stage. shes becoming quite a little beauty! Khloe tweeted a picture of Penelope yesterday… It was a paparazzi shot… And I’ve noticed Kim and khloe do this a lot on their websites. Im sorry but what celebrity posts paparazzi pics of themselves constantly?! God the kardashians are soo shallow and self centered. It annoys me.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Penelope is NOT cute at all and neither is Mason. They are two homely looking kids. And Mason’s hair is a hot mess.

  • Majda

    Seriously u guys !U crictisize the kids ,how mean is this ?You may not like the Kardashians but I don’t ser why you have to be mean about a baby
    Get a life please

  • bernadette xxx

    Her baby girl is so pretty and her baby boy
    Stop being rood love waching ur show xxxxx

  • Me

    Penelope looks exactly like Scott :3
    and stop saying she looks like an oldman, SHE DOESNT!! she is super sweet^^

  • Anonymous

    Do they actually think Mason looks good with his long stringy hair hanging in his face because he certainly doesn’t.

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