Coco Arquette Enjoys A Sweet Treat

Courteney Cox & Daughter Coco Stop By A Medical Building

Coco Arquette was spotted with her nanny in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (April 2). The 8-year-old looked like she was enjoying her ice cream.

Meanwhile mom Courteney Cox was at her doctor’s appointment.

Cox recently was a guest star on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy show and appeared on Matthew Perry’s new NBC comedy Go On. Her series Cougar Town on TBS is still going strong.

Earlier this year – the 48-year-old actress told Ellen DeGeneres that ex-husband David Arquette is “my best friend in the world.”

She said, “I appreciate David more now than I ever did. I mean … it’s hard. I don’t recommend divorce in general, but, you know, he is my best friend and we’ve both grown and changed. I think we both appreciate each other more. I hope he does. I do.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • zar55

    Is Coco wearing heels :O

  • Anonymous

    Yes it appears she’s wearing heels. Hey, Suri’s been wearing heels since she’s 2 :-)

  • Jessica

    Great idea Courtney, let’s ruin an 8 year olds feet early by letting them roam around in heels! It’s one thing to do while playing dress up.. and its another thing to let them go out and about wearing heels. Don’t think so.

    • Someone

      Not saying that I agree with heels on an 8 year old but maybe she was just wearing them from the car to the yogurt shop and back.

  • Anonymous9

    Kids shouldn’t be photographed without their parents. The kid isn’t the celebrity, mom or dad is.

    • sandie

      Totally agree. Who is interested in seeing a young child out with their babysitter? Seriously folks — pics of celebrities only.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, Celebrity Baby Scoop is the scoop on celebrities babies. Isn’t that what she is?

    • anon

      I think the key word is “celebrity” — as in the adult and the parent of the child. People come to the site to see celebs WITH their children, not to gawk at children and their nannies — hopefully.

  • elizabeth

    I’ve never thought this child was cute and she sure isn’t growing into her looks, to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    No, it’s babies of celebrities. Where does it say they have to be photographed with their parents? DUH.

  • Elle

    Oh my lord seriously? She has a little heel on and she is ruining her feet? All you Moms sit on her and judge, just enough already.

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