Perez Hilton Introduces Newborn Son


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Controversial celebrity blogger Perez Hilton made an important announcement of his own on Twitter recently: He’s a dad!

Mario Armando Levandeira, III—or Perez Hilton, Jr.—was born on Feb. 16, and already enjoying the perks of being Perez’s son, including receiving an autographed children’s books from Madonna and a bouquet of flowers from Justin Bieber.

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Photo credit: Perez Hilton

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a cross between Nick Stahl and Ron Perlman.

  • arabella

    he really freak me out.

  • anonymous

    Oh please. It’s just a baby and he’s cute.

  • Jenn

    Anon, I think they’re talking about Perez,lol

  • denise

    Best wishes to you on your newborn son. Enjoy every second!!! They grow up so fast.

  • LaKesha

    Great for him!

  • Elle

    Isn’t this old news now? He’s posted ton of pics of his baby already over the past few weeks

  • Old News

    everything on this site is either old news or Jennifer Garner related. BTW, did she get coffee today? I need to know!

  • Anonymous9

    I wonder if this will make him less of an a-hole.

  • Me

    Who gave birth to him?

  • Tee

    His dad is ugly, hopefully he’ll be better!

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