Pink Prepared For Tour Soon After Birth

*EXCLUSIVE* Pink performs her 'Truth About Love' Tour in Montreal, Canada [NO Canada]

Pink has managed to keep fit through her Truth About Love tour by eating healthy and working out daily.

Her trainer Jeanette Jenkins reveals, “She was preparing for her tour from the minute she started training after she had Willow. She ate Freshology, a healthy food delivery service, and trained five times a week and lost 55 lbs. post-pregnancy.”

She also said that Pink eats kale chips, vegetable plates and fish and chicken while touring and does power yoga, jogging with sprint intervals, kickboxing and bootcamp.

Jenkins added, “She is in the best shape of her life.”

Her acrobatics instructor Dreya Weber says the singer’s impressive high-flying moments “push boundaries” and she “likes the adrenaline rush and is so engaged.”

So can Pink sing while doing trapeze work?

Weber recalls, “First I had Alecia do sit-ups and I stood on her stomach and kind of bounced up and down and then I hung her from a trapeze bar and poked her in the stomach and said, ‘Sing!’ And she could!”

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  1. HDP

    Now THAT is a woman who gained REAL weight during a REAL pregnancy and worked REAL hard to get the weight off before touring while still being a fab mom and not lying to her fans.

    Listen up B.

  2. SMH

    And let me tell u she is in tip top shape. This tour was amazing!


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