Tom Arnold Tweets Photo Of Jax


Tom Arnold showed off his son Jax Copeland in a photo with True Lies co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger last Tuesday (April 9).

Arnold – whose wife Ashley Groussman gave birth to Jax on April 6 – tweeted: “Because of my fertility issue my sweet wife took a heck of a lot of hormones to make our son, but she still looks gorgeous! True lie.”

Kristen Bell – who welcomed daughter Lincoln on March 28 – tweeted in response to the picture saying, “Tom Arnold your baby is so much cuter than ours.”

“But yours is so much more mature,” Arnold joked.

Arnold told People, “We are still in a bit of shock. It has been a long journey and the healthy birth of our son is a miracle.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Joy

    what does true lie mean?

    • Solène

      Obviously a reference to the movie True Lies, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger stars…

  • Anonymous

    Arnold looks really small.

  • Anabelle

    Classy. Name your son after a character in the TV show you’re using to claw your way back into the public consciousness, and then introduce him in a “name drop” scenario. Just plain tacky.

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