Celebrity Parents Attend Genlux Magazine’s Issue Release Party

Jenna Elfman

Genlux Magazine, California’s luxury fashion magazine, recently held a star-studded soiree at the Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their latest issue. From the issue’s cover girl, Jenna Elfman, to former Entertainment Tonight host, Mark Steines, celeb parents radiated the red carpet, snacked on delicious Georgetown cupcakes, and toasted to the new issue.

Celebrity Baby Scoop was also in attendance at the chic affair and had the chance to catch up with several celeb moms and dads, including mom-of-two Jenna Elfman. The Dharma & Greg alum opened up about her experience as Genlux Magazine’s cover girl and how balancing motherhood with her work projects is a “daily struggle, a daily challenge”.

“The photographer makes the whole shoot, and Marc Baptiste is so playful and not serious. He is very jubilant and it was a really fun shoot. I never felt stressed out…it was just fun and that’s how I like to live my life.”

She also opened up about her two children and how she balances her work and family life.

“I have two boys: Story is five-and-a-half and Easton just turned three,” Jenna said. “They get along pretty well. How do I balance motherhood with all my projects? Barely. It is a daily struggle, a daily challenge. It is so awesome when you pull it off and make it go smooth.  There are also days where the kids are unpredictable and my whole schedule goes out the window. That’s the struggle of a working mother. It’s a very real thing.”

We also caught up with mom-of-two Vanessa Bell Calloway and asked about her upcoming projects.

“Right now we are finishing the season finale of Shameless and I did several independent films that just came out. One was is called The Undershepard and one is called The Last Fall. I am also recurring on Rizzoli & Isles and we go back to that next week,” she said.

The happy actress also updated us about her two daughters, Ashley and Ally.

“My daughter Ashley is twenty-two and Ally is eighteen-years-old. I was pregnant with both of them while I was shooting pilots. The pilot I shot while pregnant with my oldest daughter didn’t get picked up, but the pilot I shot with my youngest daughter did. [laughs] It was called Under One Roof, and it aired on CBS.  I worked while I was pregnant with both of them, and I also worked immediately after they were born. When I was the guest star on LA Law, my oldest daughter was about six weeks old. Likewise, when I did China Beach, I was on set pumping milk and putting it in coolers. My girls grew up in the industry and their godmothers are Vivica Fox and Star Jones.”

How does she manage her busy schedule and family life?

“I just do,” the Shameless actress shared. “I am lucky; I’ve always had a good village. You have to have a village around you, and I also have a great husband who tells me, ‘Yes, you can. Of course you can.’ I am also blessed, because he is an anesthesiologist who was always able to keep the house afloat when I had to go out of town and shoot on-location. I could also work or not work or work when it worked for me. Housekeepers helped him out. Even though I had a housekeeper, I raised my kids. They didn’t have a nanny; I just had someone help me do all the things I had to do. I was there, I was at their schools, I was the cheer mom, the dance team mom, the volleyball mom, and the track mom. I did it all.”

Celebrity Baby Scoop also caught up with Hollywood Exes star Daphne Wayans.

“I love Genlux and Jenna Elfman is a very dear friend,” Daphne shared. “I love doing anything to support her.”

She went on to fill us in about her children.

“I have four daughters and one boy. My son is right in the middle, flanked by two girls older than him and two girls younger than him. They are all teenagers now, and I got rid of the TV because I don’t want them in front of it. However, now they are all in front of their mini-TVs on their phones, so it didn’t really matter. [laughs] It defeated the purpose.”

How does she manage to stay on track of everything she has going on?

I just keep saying to myself, ‘It all has to happen,’ Daphne revealed. “There are twenty things that need to happen and somehow it all has to happen.”

Home & Family host Mark Steines also shared what he looked forward to doing at the issue release party.

“I am here to see my friend Jenna and hopefully see her husband,” Mark said. “I want to hang out. I am racing with Jenna in the Toyota Grand Prix Pro Celebrity Race on April 20th. I have known Jenna for years and I just want to come out and support her and whatever she does.”

He also opened up about his two sons and shared how he balances his career and fatherhood.

“Avery is nine and Kai is eleven-years-old. What do they like to do for fun? They like to make my life miserable. [laughs] No, they are wonderful children. My oldest child is into RC airplanes, fishing, and golf. He will stay with anything for five milliseconds then he moves onto something else. My youngest one is the complete opposite; he is an indoor house cat  He just likes to be inside, but lately he has been into Nerf guns.

It’s tough, because I have two children who are in separate areas. We have an escape up in Ojai, so we go up there and get away from the city. We try to go back to nature as much as possible.”

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  • janice

    “Star studded”????!!!! Yeah, right. Seriously, actual stars and A-listers rarely attend “events” like this — they don’t need the publicity and are far too busy with real work.

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