Amber Rose: “I Missed Out” On A Natural Birth


Amber Rose and fiancé Wiz Khalifa welcomed their first child, son Sebastian, on February 21. But long before then, the model came across Ricki Lake’s documentary The Business of Being Born and dreamed of a natural birth.

“I first saw The Business of Being Born actually before I was even pregnant,” Amber said during a Tuesday appearance on The Ricki Lake Show.

“I was like, ‘If I ever get pregnant, that’s how I’m going to do it!’ Then when I got pregnant, I watched it again and then I made Wiz watch it,” she continued

Wiz was impressed by the documentary, and encouraged Amber to pursue a home birth.

“I thought it was really interesting being that me and Amber had a baby on the way,” the rapper said. “I felt like it was important, but I didn’t think that I was going to be into it as much as I was.”

Amber added: “When I had Wiz watch it, he was just like, ‘You have to do this, we have to do this together.’ ”

However, nearing the end of her pregnancy — and already equipped with a birthing pool, midwives and a doula — Amber discovered her baby was in breech position.

“At 37 weeks one of the midwives said that that big lump right there on my top by my ribs was the baby’s head,” she shared. “My ideal birth plan was just down the drain.”

But her team tried to move “The Bash.” “I tried mugwort, acupuncture and then my last resort was an inversion, which is when you go to the hospital and they manually try to turn your baby,” she said. “They push his head down and push his butt up … It hurt a lot. It was very painful. I cried.”

But as it turns out, a C-section was the only option.

“At that point, after I tried everything, I was like, ‘I just want my baby, if I have to have a C-section, fine,’ ” she said. “But I told Wiz, ‘If we go to the hospital and my baby turns around, I’m going back home!’ “

Wiz added: “Of course it wasn’t … what we wanted to happen, but as mentally prepared as we were for the home birth, we had to get as prepared for the C-section.”

“When I went in I was terrified, shaking. I was so scared,” Amber continued. “But then Wiz came in [and] he just talked to me the whole time…All of a sudden we heard Sebastian cry and we both started crying. We were like, ‘Oh my gosh, our baby’s here!’ ” the new mom gushed.

Although her first birth was a C-section, Amber is not ruling out future VBACs.

“I feel like I made the right decision, but I knew right after having a C-section that [with] our next baby I definitely want to have my baby at home,” she said. “Watching the documentary and seeing how the women pull the baby out and put the baby on their chest — that’s what I really, really wanted for me and Sebastian. That’s the part that I missed out on.”

The model was open about her natural birth plan prior to welcoming “The Bash.”

“I don’t want no medication,” Amber had said. “We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it, and we’re gonna have our midwife, and when they baby’s head comes out, he’s gonna be Dr. Wiz. He’s gonna be the first person to touch the child. No doctors, no gloves.”

She added: “I’m looking forward to the pain, actually. My family thinks I’m crazy, but I want to feel the pain and I want…the end result, just holding my baby and going through all that for him.”

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  • Robin

    “But as it turns out, a C-section was the only option.”

    I respect Amber’s decision to have a csection, and commend her for having such a good attitude despite the fact that she wanted a home birth.

    However the person who wrote this article is incorrect that csection is “the only option” with a breech baby. There are still doctors who are skilled in delivering breech, and it is done with high levels of success. There are three types of breech positioning, and if the baby is either “frank” or “complete” breech there are doctors who will safely deliver the baby. Its just not routinely taught in medicsk school anymore so most drs wont attempt it because they dont know how.

    Amber may not have been comfortable delivering this way, but it is incorrect to say csection is the only option.

    • Jade

      I’m thinking that the “only option” comment refers to her preference. I don’t think the article is in any way stating that a c-section is the only option for breech babies. It sounds like Amber and her Dr. made the best choice for her and her baby under the circumstances.

    • Jenny Schafer

      Hi Robin,
      You’re right, my wording was poor. Maybe it wasn’t the ‘only’ option for Amber (and for women in California, for that matter).
      This topic hits home for me b/c C-section was my “only option” with my breech baby. Where I’m from (British Columbia, Canada), it IS the only option since midwives and doctors are no longer given permission to deliver breech babies vaginally.
      Anyone have further info on this??

      • Anonymous

        I’m always curious when people say they aren’t *allowed* to do something medically. Had you refused a c-section, what would your doctor have done? Forced you into surgery? Discharged a women in labor onto the street?

        • lisa lambert

          Yes they can and will issue a warrant for your arrest if the Dr deems the life of your baby will be put to risk by your refusal to do the C-section. the reason i know it happened to me.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not trying to be argumentative, but I cannot imagine how there would be time for that in most cases.

      • Robin

        Hi Jenny,

        Thanks for your comment. In the US it IS legal to deliver breech in a hospital. In California, midwives aren’t covered for it, but OBs are.

        Due to “informed consent,” which is a policy that allows the patient to make decisions regarding their own medical care, pregnant women still have this right. Many doctors are not comfortable or skilled in it however and will decline to do it.

        Similarly, I recently had twins, and had to interview four doctors before I found one that wasnt pushing for a csection. My doctor was in his 70s and has delivered over 20,000 babies. He is skilled in breech and twin deliveries, but many of his younger colleagues at the same hospital wont do it. People seek him out to deliver their breech babies, which he does several times a week. He’s never been sued for malpractice and has a stellar record.

        So, there aren’t laws against breech delivery in the US, but the doctors who know how are few and far between. You really have to seek them out, and soon they will be very difficult to find because it is not taught anymore.

  • AnnaBanana

    Robin, many hospitals now have a policy that if a baby is breech, they will not pursue a vaginal birth. It is not even an option. They say it is for liability reasons etc. Usually the practitioner themselves will try to help you as much as they can as soon as a breech baby is detected. Measures are done then to try to turn the baby around, as Amber listed. If it is after 38 weeks, they will schedule you a c-section, some may wait until 40.

    • Alyson

      Yeah I agree. I work for a hospital and know most will not deliver a baby vaginally if it is breech for liability reasons. It can be done safe yes, but the risks are too high for hospitals to take. Glad everything worked out well for her and baby.

  • christina hemming

    I hope Amber used binders after her c section, allowed her baby to stay on her skin for bacterial exposure, and will massage her scar for a healthy recovery.Find out all these tips and more at

    All the best!

  • Dana.

    I like Amber. She seems very down to earth.

  • Fran

    This woman is a freak and so it her so called husband or boyfriend or whatever he is! They both look like freaks and I feel sorry for that poor baby to be brought up in a drug smoking home with these two! Really!

  • AnonYmous

    Well I think that this situation only affirms that, while most women may desire an idealized birth, there are reasons that women do indeed give birth via Csection. These reasons very rarely have anything to do with a “choice” that these women make, just like having a natural unmedicated birth is not really a “choice” either, but something that some women who are fortunate (probably a better word is lucky) enough to have, You never know the circumstances that make dictate your birth and therefore, women should never judge each other.

  • lisa lambert

    Yes, they can and will issue warrant for your arrest if Dr deems you are putting life of the baby at risk. I know because it happened to me

  • Tara

    @lisalambert Why would anyone refuse a csection that a DR has recommended due to the fact that the baby’s life is in danger? The DR must first do no harm and if continuing a vaginal birth threatens the life of the baby, it is his duty to pursue the safest option. Stunning that someone would have to be threatened with arrest to do the safest thing for their BABY!!!

    • Anonymous

      Hold on a second. Nobody was talking about willfully putting a baby’s life at risk. Just because one doctor won’t deliver a breech baby does NOT mean your baby’s LIFE would be in danger if you still chose vaginal delivery. Same goes for twins, most doctors automatically default to c-section without any thought, even though plenty of twins are born vaginally every single day.

  • Tara

    I was not referring to breech csection deliveries. I was speaking directly to Lisa who specifically said “if the DR deems you are putting the baby’s life at risk,” she did not say due to breech positioning.

  • Shannon

    I understand how frustrating it can be to have your birth plan go awry. I respect Ms. Rose for just doing what was best for her baby at the time. I know she must have just wanted to hold her little boy so much, she didn’t care how he came out anymore, as long as he was safe.

  • Jasmin

    We had a similar thing happen. Although no c-section, we did everything by the book for natural birth but everything that happened was the opposite. Sometimes life has a differen’t plan for us :) Glad to made it !

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