Reese Witherspoon: Telling The Kids Was “The Hardest Part”

Reese Witherspoon takes Ava and Deacon to the Doctor's

A contrite and humbled Reese Witherspoon – mom to Ava, 13, Deacon, 9, and Tennessee, 6 months – addressed her DUI drama during a Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America, calling it “one of those nights.”

“We went out to a restaurant in Atlanta, and we had one too many glasses of wine,” the Academy Award-winner, 37, admitted, referring to herself and her husband Jim Toth.

Reese’s new hubby was charged with DUI, and she with disorderly conduct.

“We thought we were fine to drive,” she said, “and we were absolutely not, and we are so sorry and just so embarrassed. We know better and we shouldn’t have done that.”

Admitting to “poor judgment” for not calling a cab, Reese added, “We made a mistake, and it was something that will absolutely never happen again.”

The police report stated that the actress did not follow the officer’s orders, and proceeded to use abusive language.

“I was so disrespectful to him,” Reese said. “I have police officers in my family. I work with police officers every day. I know better. It’s just unacceptable.” She added, “I played a lawyer in a movie so many times I think I am a lawyer. And clearly I’m not a lawyer, because I got arrested.”

“I have no idea what I was saying,” she shared. “That night I saw him arresting my husband, and I panicked. I said all kinds of crazy things. I said I was pregnant. I’m not pregnant. I said crazy things. I had no idea what I was talking about.”

But telling Ava and Deacon has been “the hardest part about it,” she admitted. “When you make a mistake, you take responsibility, and we are taking responsibility, and we are doing everything within our power to make it right.”

One of the biggest lessons learned? “When a police officer tells you to stay in a car, you stay in a car,” she shared.

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  • ER

    I know they made a mistake, but for some reason I feel so sorry for her and Jim.

  • anonymous

    One glass too many? So one less and you still would have driven and risked the lives of other people? Both of them sound irresponsible, him for driving and her for allowing it. Weaving into other lanes? That’s horrifying.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of people are guilty of “one glass too many and driving” (I was surprised when I learned that based on my size a drink and a half would probably put me over the limit. I know I would be capable of driving, but I also know the law is in place for a reason and I will take a cab or accept my punishment), but please they got pulled over at 3:00 am and he was driving on the wrong side of the road sounds a bit wasted to me? I hope this makes reese realize she is clearly not above the law!

  • Anonymous9

    She may have had one glass too many, but he blew a .139. That is wasted. It’s not like he’s a small guy; it takes more than an extra drink to get you to that level. That being said, I’m sure she’s embarrassed, and should be, but it sounds like they’ve handled everything pretty responsibly since, so assuming that it never happens again, they’ve been lucky to have not hurt somebody and it sounds like they realize that.

  • SMH

    It seems like because it’s “good girl” Reese this story is getting way too much buzz. She was wrong. Lets’ say it again W-R-O-N-G. She wasn’t the first and sadly won’t be the last to hop into a car with someone drunk! And let’s not forget she was DRUNK but she also wasn’t driving!!
    As far as what she said, which I think has people more up in arms that she acted above the law. She was DRUNK. Clearly drunk people say stupid things all the time. I have family members that act like asses when they drink.
    I am not a huge Reese fan but this isn’t going to stop me from seeing a movie of hers. People everyday make huge mistakes and I think (or atleast hope) she learned a big lesson and never does this again. I believe having to tell her kids was probably more then enough punishment for what she did. I can just only imagine how they felt or what they thought. And she is the one that will have to live with it but the rest of us shouldn’t be the one’s to sit around and chastise her for the rest of hers.

    • Sophia

      I would tend to agree, but what really bothers me is that she has a 13-year-old. It’s okay to make mistakes when you’re an adult and no one’s looking up to you, but it’s different when you have a young teen. You want to teach them that drunk driving is absolutely unacceptable, because they’ll have to face that type of situation and make the right decisions in just a few years. What message does it send when your step-dad get slapped with a DUI, and when your mom agreed to get in a car with someone she knew was drunk? It’s not an innocent mistake – it shouldn’t even have been within the realms of possibility considering they have children. How on earth do you tell your 13-year-old that you got arrested for drunk driving, when it’s something that is majorly unacceptable nowadays, and that you blew off police officers because you were drunk and mad? I agree that the coverage has been exaggerated, but it baffles me that they wouldn’t have realized at any point that they were being unreasonable – you’d think a woman who has been a mother for 13 years would be mature and wise enough to know better, but apparently not.

  • DJ

    Ok. She’s human, she acted idiotic, her & Jim had poor judgment, like many of us do -let’s all take more mental notes on what NOT to do. No one got hurt thank God! So let’s just move on. I’m ready for this to be out of the media hot seat and ready for Reese to stop commenting about it, every day, since she spoke her peace. That’s all :)

  • Hope

    I love how all of y’all get so into this like you actually know Reese and her family personally. They are celebrities but they are HUMAN – Just like you. I would hate being in the spot light all the time so that everyone knows your business. It’s gotta suck to have people on these websites conversing about Reese’s business. What’s so interesting about celebrities anyway? I know I’m on this website too but I just don’t get why people are so into people & why people insist on talking about people all the time. Just be who YOU ARE and let other people be who THEY ARE.

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