10 Amazing & Not So Amazing Hollywood Moms


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It takes a special person to be an amazing mom. And not every Hollywood starlet is cut out for the role.

Some moms make sure to take their kids to school every day (props to you, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sandra Bullock), while others bring their kids to their very adult business meetings (ahem, Farrah Abraham).

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  • Anonymous

    This woman has got to be one of the most repulsive mothers ever. Giving birth doesn’t make you a mom. She only cares about one thing….money. She’s constantly pimping her own kids out for an easy buck. She’s a sad, sorry excuse for a mother.

    • LaKesha

      You’ve met her? How else could you be so sure about what kind of mother she is?

  • K M

    The link is broken.

  • Anonymous

    LaKesha, you obviously don’t know how to read because if you did you wouldn’t be asking that ridiculous question. Also, go buy her book and read HER OWN WORDS of what type of person she is. SMH.

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