Snooki Down To Her 11-Year-Old Weight


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Snooki is a 25-year-old trapped in an 11-year-old’s body.

The reality TV star has been on a bit of a media blitz these past few weeks, and we’re learning her full story now, starting with her rise to fame back to her humble roots.

From glossy magazines to daytime television interviews, we’re learning more about who she really is than we ever did on “Jersey Shore.”

While you may have missed her promoting her product line of clothing and accessories and talking up all things motherhood, you can’t miss Snooki showing off her slimmer figure everywhere.

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  1. missme?

    is that including those monstrous shoes?

  2. Micaela

    She looks sickly.

  3. kate

    She’s like 4 feet tall, so I would imagine she weighs about right for someone her height…

  4. LIMom

    The shoes make her legs too way to skinny.
    She’s an odd looking person


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